16 January 2014

So glad about how life is so easy breezy beautiful now I hope nothing changes for the next 8 months or so. Love filling up my planner (actually it's a $1 notebook but that's not the point) with... dates and planning surprises and sleepover etcetcetc and then having time to myself later to recollect :')

New year resolutions (that never really work out but let's hope they do this year) roughly set, work getting exciting, hair cut (on impulse hehe) and so warm and full inside :-))) Learning to love and let love and maybe trusting in friends forever again, but this time with the right people and with more certainty than ever.

Happy 14/01 with buddy and 6a!!! Met YL at (unearthly because I had to go to work) 8am and went back to the kopitiam for our cheap singaporean breakfast. Loved loved loved talking to her about everything and anything because she knows my deepest darkest secrets/more about my feelings and ~experiences~ than anyone else. Planned a date to iceland for when (if) I go to UK to study and my body is tingggligngngngg with excitement just thinking about it :')))

Epitome of a good morning laughing at YL who can't break eggs properly, forcing our ice milo down our throats although we felt like puking, stupid cats in her yard and the "rat" who ate her pineapple tarts/making plans for the future/talking about our non-existent love lives keke


Met my favourite people again that night after spending 2 hours in the library watching kpop star 3 (hehe) by myself and laughing before realising i'm in the LIBRARY. Met at 8 for BCM and by that time my stomach was growling like a lion so I ate my own brownies while waiting lonely at the bus stop for everyone :'(( 

Did what we always do and talked and talked about nothing though yurong did most of the job because everyone else was cui level mxm after work/hc open house + gobbled down cher's super yummy cornflake cookies while waiting for our food 

Bought new (cheap) film so we spammed in salted caramel (CREAMERY....)/look at leon twang's face in like every photo/playing cheat and eating my brownies with our 7.90 3 scoops/lonely journey home because jofo didn't come :((( 



Insidious 2 with my COLLEAGUES at home after work. A bit ~strange~ watching a horror movie at 4pm and screen seemed too small for me to be properly freaked out + cat meowing and distracting me but it was ok??? 

My daily joy and pain zzz 

 Making use of my cheap film again/photoshoot for the instax ^ around the house looking for props.........................................vvvvv

Prancing around at the pool/comparing footprints/autistic thaddaeus/dirty pants/random papa smurf
Happy together/not friends/gonna be sick of their faces soon

2014 you have been great don't disappoint me ;-))))

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