29 January 2014

Ok aye mate this australia thing is not going too well because I'm the laziest person I know but it's ok!!!! I survived on last minute work the whole of J2 and therefore this is going to work out too (I can feel it in my bonez)

Sweechoon with chloe khaw after work last thurs!! Slothed around plaza sing with adeline and thaddaeus before walking like 5000km and onestly thought it would be SUPER CHEAP but ermz apparently not so I just sat there for like 5 minutes looking at the prices and feeling cheated/regretting walking all the way there (we suck at navigating so much for topping the level in geog literally not street smart)(heh) when we could've just popped our asses into tim ho wan when we were at plaza sing.... + adult fare which meant double heartbreak :'(

This is the only picture I have of that night clap clap 

Started the night off with  a rather intense conversation with holy chloe (after having had a convo of the exact same topic just that afternoon) but as time passed she kind of lost her mind and annoyed the hell out of me HAHA ok kidding it was a good time :-))))

Bought 10 流沙包s for the PEEPS (*cue hand action*) and the aunty looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her for 3 笼s and I promptly scolded her when she asked if I was going to eat it all there (HAHA I was kidding). Walked another 5000km trying to figure out which and where and how to take the bus to bugis but failed and got ourselves a cab instead because..... ^^v Popped into the steamboat place (and started sweating like a pig the moment I stepped in omg so hot)/sat there for eternity before someone acknowledged my presence/liushabao samaritan/a lot of shouting and out of the restaurant within 5 mins because chloe was waiting for me hahahaha

Swensens after that with her 1-for-1 voucher (cheapo queens) and chinese waiters/waitresses who didn't understand a thing we were trying to ask but all was fine in the end so never mind. Talked and talked and walked to dhoby after that (OMG back at dhoby) and sat outside cathay and talked and talked and talked..... felt good letting things out of my (very faulty) system :-))


SC8 day with hannah's yummy ass potato salad and macncheese. Felt so bad about myself after eating her food because compared to hers mine tastes like... really bad HAHA.

NUAed like never before when I first reached because WORK REALLY WEARS ME OUT MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY so I abandoned the rest in the kitchen after stealing a piece of bakkwa and made myself at home and took a nap on her sofa (this is what a true pig is like please learn). ^^

(Iphone 5 wins again)

Android loses 

hannah's pretty room (her whole house belongs to tumblr)
(I try)

NUAed somemore (nua is now officially my middle name everybody greetings from grace nua png) while watching alvin and the chipmunks (HEHE SO CUTE) with her little sister (who is so chattery but I like!!!) WHILE the others played mahjong/blakcjack on the floor........  heh (sorry parentheses overload)

1/3 of SC8 + 1 siuhoi (I'm glad I went even though all I did was nua)

Tauhuey with the erms, people after that our gathering because even though my body was failing me the mind takes over!!!!! woohoo

You know... the usual 

excited aquarium guide cher/army boys in 2 weeks!! Excited for all of ya kekekeke we've seen them grow literally from ah boys to men HARHAR 



Just spent the last hour staring at this photo because it's so much bigger here than on insta and it looks so good too good I need it now 

Lunch with the family after church with our fav beef noodles (hougang 203 everybody must try but on second thought (thoughts?)(this is bothering me and google is not helping) don't go because the queues are long enough whenever we go)/shopping at old school stationery shops :-))) Saw the aeroplane game which brought me way back to pri sch... and I will NOT torture you any further with my stories of the past (tho nostalgia is my best frenemy) but ah, memories. Also got so excited over the brasso (in the window) because I miss polishing my trefoil. GIRL GUIDES.... my second best frenemy

Also speaking of church bryan and I spent 30 mins laughing because things get ridiculous in there I mean I get that I'm supposed to be the salt of the earth but some points can be put across more effectively LIKE.... (I actually typed a long bitchy paragraph here but decided to delete it because it is bitchy and whiny and not constructive and useless but I'm going to leave the first sentence there because I realised I actually am quite bitchy and I have to face it) 

I'm feeling talkative today 

Basically spent the entire weekend nua-ing my life away because it's the greatest reward I can give myself after a whole week of work (I make it sound like I work in some nazi concentration camp or something right please don't misunderstand my mother does not torture/overwork me)(sorry mummy if my friends think you are a female hitler). Drowned myself in my thoughts but was too lazy to put pen to paper (which really helps sometimes but other times it's just a waste of time actually) so eventually I got so confused and frustrated I gave up and slept instead. Yarps 

Just trying to come to terms with how easy it is for people to leave our lives sometimes but learning to love the sense of achievement/satisfaction when the bitterness (or sourness because I feel like a GENIUS using a warheads analogy but I shall not)(just did) wears off and all that "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" bullshit comes in... some bullshit can really be comforting (albeit delusional.... sigh) sometimes.

On a brighter note I'm getting my pay tomorrow and it's been long since I felt so excited!!!!!

Just made a realisation and that is I'm a money-faced bitchy sloth

Life is good 

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