25 January 2014

i will miss you stranger


1111/snuggly in my blanket and pretty lights above me/dreamy playlist and good weather but feeling so empty inside somehow :-( Spent the whole afternoon (and probably night)(ok kidding i slept for like 3 hours) surrounding and drowning myself in my own thoughts and feeling overall quite very depressed hahahahahahhaaha......... content and counting my blessings but it's starting to lose its effectiveness.

Spent the past few days talking to different people about faith etc and it surprised me how differently people feel about this whole thing/how much our experiences affect the way we think.... also how skepticism can be so much more enlightening than holiness...? New insights/opinions rather than instructions from the bible?? Sorry speaking in code again sometimes I feel like only I understand what I'm going on about HAHAH.... because I have to think of a way to get things out here without revealing too much haaa haaaaaa.... when I think about how much I keep inside I look at my friends and wonder if I really know them at all blablablablah and I don't think I do and it's quite very sad that I don't. Then I wonder if it's just me.

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