22 January 2014

FINALLY getting down to planning for australia!!! So excited but ermz a bit lost because this is going to be the first trip i'm planning all on my own..... like ok I know where I want to go but where do I start................. HMM


ok about 24 hours later and I have not progressed at all this is too difficult but no I must prove myself to be a strong and independent and organized and smart woman


Joanne's birthday party on saturday!! Met up with the xt to eat macs breakfast before and walking like a thousand km to the house/ good food good company :-)))

Romantic time and photo sesshshh with cassia on the swing (so hard to edit these photos cos both of us are so BLACK so I picked a random filter and used it hehe wadeva ya???) after eating like pigs (also I do not have a photo with the birthday girl because she hasn't uploaded!!! sobs). 

Rushed like mad to amk to meet gladysjumpyfoo (pls follow her on insta and like her photos so that she will never have to see the number 38 again) and bought ingredients for our apple crumble WITH the intention of going to the airport at night to send YL off to dublin but sometimes life doesn't work the way we plan it to so... 

(she didn't pick up so i guess the lack of love and dedication is mutual) 
(and OMG pls ignore the paper on my phone I do not "♡ lungs" contrary to popular belief)

Good (read: crazy) time peeling apples and cutting apples into weird sizes/hot hands ;-)/random bag of popcorn/sitting on the floor blocking everybody's way and talking about nothing/gladys ruining my perfect life by sending LIFE-RUINING MESSAGES TO CERTAIN PEOPLE using my phone 

Idk if I will die posting these pics but that's ok that's what makes life exciting right glADF???

Spent half the time on the floor trying to take an instagrammable picture of our very-not-photogenic apple crumble hahahahahah 

Dinner after walking what felt like another thousand km to the food court only to find all the stalls closed.... and then back to some chinese shop/confessions (HAHA)(ok catch up) over our neverending fried rice but it's ok I still lav u and am so GLAD (hehe)(even tho you ruined my life)


Bro's 22nd birthday!!!!! Skyped for a whole hour after my 2h nap which explains my cui face cui hair cui clothes and everything just cui in general. Soon germaine and the bigger sister are going to fly soon and I'm going to be left all alone at home sobs :'((( So happy to be part of this family hehee ^~^


Impromptu short dinner (actually, BREAKFAST) with xt and annoying adeline with ultrayumz cheesy pineapple tarts and overpriced toast/happy but ridiculous conversations ^~^

meet the chio baker seet with nice specs 


Late nights sitting alone in my room thinking again//pen and paper not really working out sometimes

Slowly stopping trying to figure out who I am because I realised I will never know hahahah but to just embrace whatever comes at me. Really can't remember a time my life was as peaceful as it is now~~~ and I don't think it will be again for a longggg longgggg timeeee....... gonna let the butterflies do what they want to me too because #yolo heh

but tq for the butterflies

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