9 January 2014

A drop in the ocean

Internet in this house rly ah.............

Fulfilling but torturous past few days meeting friends and leaving friends (goodbye is always the hardest even when u are going to be seeing them only a few days later...), waking up at 7.30am for work and stoning for half an hour wondering how on earth I managed to wake up for school the past 12 years..........

Life has become q mundane and boring so I'm trying to cherish the present but can't help looking forward to the (near) future!! Excited to meet fwenz and family again and cny and new money (haha) and possible trip to melbourne with the bigger sister!! 

Police story with the who-else-omg-need-to-stop-meeting-them-but-i-won't-because-i-don't-want-to + subway and funky pants. Sat outside at the little kiddy rides and talked and talked after the movie and thawing until the lights went off before we bade goodbye with tears running down our cheeks because we will meet each other less than a week later.....

Kode club lives 


12-inch pizza/records with sc8888888 on Saturday!!! Felt a bit weird seeing these faces for the very first time since A's ended??? But all was good with pizza and good music and meaningless conversations as always + austin's new girlfriend which was the conversation topic of the day. Doesn't feel like I will be meeting them anytime soon howevaaaaaa........... the next time will be on reSULTS dAy and I predict we will not be talking much on that day ahaahhahahaahahah.

Sherlock-ed my way through the next few days and OMG so good. Didn't think I'd like the series since I fell asleep in the movie but WOW ok maybe subtitles change everything so now I know what actually goes on.


Blackball with the 6A (again)(+ 1 6A.1)!!! Actually ended work at 4 but went to taka to buy expensive stuff with $10 vouchers with germaine + lonely dinner at quiznos with Sherlock Holmes (finally at season 3!!! the bandwagon is now allowed to move) before cher and joey and the rest came.

Had such a hard time ordering because they were running out of so many ingredients + boys being noisy but iz ok that's not what matters. Laughed so much and so hard talking about our pri school days :')))) went a bit crazy and trained abs and face muscles laughing at old (bitchy) blog posts/not wanting to leave/sat at the food court and continued talking about nothing in particular (because I can't rmb hahahahahhahahahha) but it was good. It alwayssss is ^^
(sorry a bit incoherent now i have forgotten how to speak in proper sentences)

abrupt end bye 

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