1 January 2014

2013 pt. 2

Feeling bored so I'm back to look back on the yr again hahaha spent the very last moments of 2013 with none other than chloe khaw and twas good though rather embarrassing reflecting on the past year and everything we're thankful for :')))))) Thankful for having survived the crazy crazy emotional rollercoaster of a year even though we concluded given the choice we'd rather not relive it hahahhaa

Not feeling lazy today so here are my overdue pictures I promise to post later in like, every single post (conncecting my phone to the comp for the first time since like forever) and a long ass reflection to go with each one

Started the year off with orientation 2013 which regretfully wasn't as life-changing as I expected it to be. Maybe it's cos I started it off doing things I knew weren't myself (like my interview......... most embarrassing thing I've done in my life hands down ok)?? Anyway it was rlyrly quite hard in the beginning but once I met the ogkids it wasn't so bad anymore :-))) + blessed with a group of kids (not kids anymore j2 alr) who had totally no problem opening up to each other and are still so close now hehehe. Also felt I didn't quite belong in the clan but mebbe that's cos I didn't have friends in there at all from the beginning while so many of them were alr friends with each other but still thankful for the few who made me comfortable :)))

Sweaty and gross after last night of orientation 

Ok I cheat all these are from FB and not my phone but AHHHH wadeverrrrr... 

Life zoomed back as fast as it possibly could after orientation with term exams. Was 1 pt away from honour roll and thought my life was gonna end but now when I think about it that was extremely gross and stupid of me hhahhaha....... 2013 was really a life-changing yr in so many ways :-)))

After terms came term 2 and sports season/syf!! Totally not involved in any competition of any sort but it really enjoyed going down as a supporter and cheering my ass off for my athletic friends. A month of giving and focusing on others instead of myself and was SOOOO PROUDDD when the pro volleyballs got champions :')))

Look damn gross in these pics but wadeva thankful for these 2 laosy boys too even though annoyingness is maximum with them. Just needed to watch their semifinal match and respect for them went upupupupup. Was alr so frustrating and intense on the supporter's stand I can't even imagine what it must've felt like being the ones playing.... but still champions in all our hearts ya (this felt like a thousand yrs ago 2013 has been a long long yr). Lesson learnt - there's always something we can learn from everyone even if they are most irritating ppl on earth ;)

Anywayzzz season hype flew away just as fast as orientation hype did and then began the chionging to finish syllabus + insane drilling for all our subjects ++ INTENSE HATE HATE HATE HATE FOR CERTAIN TEACHERS wow this was a crazy time because we constantly felt they were looking down on us + they were also soososo close to giving up on us... and hahahhaha.

June hols came and Japan with the family!! Rly enjoyed this break esp in Sapporo and Hokkaido. Also Kuma (kuma right??)'s loghouse or whatever it's called which was straight out of a tumblr pic and sooo prettyyy but being the city galzz (hahaha) I am it got a bit boring/inconvenient/i-don't-really-like-all-this-wood-ish so was eagerrr to get to Tokyo.

Disneysea was oooookay the rides were all kiddish which is really the most I can stand alr (can't ride rollercoasters the thrill just builds up in me and I feel like I'm gonna explode and I can't stand it oooo) but the toy story one was SO GOOD tho sadly the queue was SO LONG.

Prancing around in fields of flowers in Hokkaido hahahaha 

Quality time with the family and trekking up snow-covered mountains (IN SUMMER). Fell thigh-deep into the snow and one point and had 3 young Japanese businessmen in suits run over to help me keke 

Back to sg and snapped back to reality -- only 2 weeks left to study for midyrs!!! Spent the next 2 weeks in the damn haze drinking disgusting amounts of starbucks/coffee bean and really basically just hating my life hahhaha (it goes downhill from here). Buddy came back so as always we went to study together 

Then came chermaine's b'day which was planned in such a rush but as always a joy to plan :-)))))) 6A warms my heart like no other :')))

The night we battled PSI 400 and a bunch of balloons + met OPOMOU WHAT'S UP HAHAHAHAHHA felt like a fangirl meeting her idols okay after always seeing them on twitter/fb/insta everywhere. Was so grateful for this little bit of 6A therapy while studying for midyrs sigh bliss bliss

July came and dun dun dun came mid years and the most depressing period of the 18 years of my life thanks to my dismal results... so many moments in class receiving my results and telling myself it's ok becos I did studied hard and then came the consolations from the ppl around me and so much energy wasted trying to hold my tears in. Was constantly feeling disappointed with myself for being so selfish and stupid/getting emotional over the littlest things/basically just being very very very tired everyday/breaking down in front of mummy over feeling hopeless/

finding myself again/telling myself I'm good enough/picking myself up/studying not just for the results

July-August was so so different from Jan-June in that way.... spent so much more time with friends because whenever I was alone I would start tihinking too much and moping around and nothing felt as good to finally stand up again and know what I was fighting for :-))) Stayed back in sch to study with friends for prelims, countless wahchee dinners and overall just feeling quite happy despite the big burden in my hard AKA prelims/A's.

Prelims came and went, results came and went as well. I can't even remember my prelim results actually becos I guess at that time I finally knew that there were things more important than that. Just rmb I was quite satisfied but at the same time scared cus I feared I wouldn't be able to maintain the grades.... but just like any other time the fear soon faded away

Lessons started to get fun, teachers recognising our hard work and trusting us abit more and this is when school really became dear to me :'))

Teachers who touched our lives left right centre up down :')) 

National day celebration (also ndp with chloe and friend janice!!) and teachers' day = escape from reality for awhile esp with everybody spending the day before teachers' day baking/writing letters and study-free!!! 

Intense study sessions followed right after complete with crazy mindblowing h3 lessons every tues and thurs but still #noragrets rly like bio because of h3 which is a comfort really :)) Spent many evenings in the hub falling asleep/doing very productive studying/looking fwd to dinner at 6pm/queuing up like the kiasu singaporeans we are and hoping we joined the queue with nicer food hahahhahhaaha. Also spending one hour having irrelevant conversations like discussing who MBTI personality types and who our 'natural partners' are HAHAH but such convos were what got me through 

Bacc service and omg too many photos I can't choose you can just go to my fb and click through the album I guess (someone is getting lazy here sorry)

Then came A's which I can't believe I sat for................. mostly studied alone during study break. BMAT which was HORRID HAR HAR but it's ok it's over and my results weren't THATTTTT bad.... let's move on.

22 days of paper after paper after paper but at least we had breaks in between which were thankfully well spread out if not I would've collapsed. Papers were okay except for some maybe but I can't be bothered now hahahhahaha it's over!!! Caught catching fire with debstep the day it came out (ie. before we officially ended a's heheh) and then 12 hrs later with KODE!!! Luvaluva 6A therapy is welcome anytime  ♥ 

Koala Ostrich Duck Elephant all hail cool group names created in pri sch 

(Really getting lazy now....)

Last paper evar with the proteins!!! Super eventful and amusing morning cos there was a HUGE lizard thing running aorund the exam hall and the invigilators/examiners were all trying to catch it/Mr Leow insta-ing a photo of our new candidate. Also Ian's two pens ran out of ink 5 mins into the exam LOL and daryl raised his hand up to ask for TISSUE to blow his nose HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH it was so. funny. and. so hard to contain laughter + enjoyed doing hte paper if that is even possible because that's how h3 is I guess.... we never know how we're gonna do anyway so just write what you know and give crappy but interesting answers hoping the examiner appreciates how your brain works. 

BKK with the sister and sue the day after A's!!! Was so afraid we wouldn't be able to go thanks to the protests but everything went fine in the end and we hardly even saw any sign of protests going on (because we are kind of chickens so we fled back to the hotel one night when we saw some police chase thing going on). Good food and cheap clothes everyday + amazing self-discipline waking up at 5am to go to Pratunam market which was right outside our damn lousy but cheap hotel. 

Chose this photo to post cos my name is on it (can you find it) and I'm in it HAHAHAHAHAHA damn lame grace

Liked the shopping but now not so much after coming back from Taiwan cos we realised the things in TW are more ~our style~ tho slightly more expensive hahahahaha.

Prom after that and I alr did a kind of post on it so no elaboration needed here hahahaha (sorry rly lazy like siao), started work for a just teeny weeny bit before we decided to go to TW 2 days before our flight and so off we went on our impromptu trip which was really quite good + weather was good most days too :-)))) Photos are all in the big camera which is not with me so no pics hehe. 


Came back and started planning gatherings like a crazy woman because I was feeling nice. Met up with cher and joey to discuss and settle our class tee after 7 years ahahahaha and then 2 days later was on the train to bukit batok (buttock) with joey to collect the shirts and then back on the train to amk (1h20mins of our lives wasted travelling but it's ok it's all worth it when it's for 6A anything for 6A ya). Ate lunch and went grocery shopping for gathering food which is when I bought the smelly blue cheese pizza which was really smelly and inedible HAHAHAHAHAH zzzzzzzzz no wonder it was so cheap???????/ 

and the best for the last...... 29th finally came after what seemed like forever and I got to see these familiar faces once again and some after 6 whole years :')) 

Dinner and then sleepover which was when the siaoness really started. Can't believe we have come this far from wallet-swinging boys, catching during recess, damn enthu chinese lessons with our 词语手册 hahahhaha #neverforget, actually quite bad boy-girl division except for quanyi, finishing our papers way too early during exams and mastering the art of non-verbal communication, our potlucks/macs treats on children's day or whatever other event, seeing friends go up every end of the year to collect best-in-class/subject prizes, medric's yearly gym trophies, THE NICKNAMES, supporting cher for her english speaking competition, bday parties, simultaneously shouting nicknames of ppl (XIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII/whatever too many) during class, knowing you always have friends around you.... (trying desperately to dig out memories)

You know...
maybe 2007 was really the best year of my life
just that I didn't know it then 

Those who slept featuring Arthur hahahaha 

Movietime, macdonalds time, fighting for bolsters pillows blankets/hanying's cocoon burrito bed he created for himself/leon slping without any blanket and freezing his ass off/the girls squished together in front of the tv. Everyone slept around 3+ while watching harry potter and then we all woke up before 0630 because IDK SIAO OR WHAT?? Just thanks to cher's single tiny alarm and all 9 were up maybe our brainwaves synced or maybe we simply couldn't wait to wake up and see each other's faces again ^~^ (cheesy or wat). Up and ready by 7+ and out for breakfast at casuarina curry. 25.30 bill and conversations about nothing in particular before we parted ways :(((( 

Took the bus home because I was too lazy but felt so warm and fuzzy inside + happiness words cannot describe. STILL smiling at the photos everytime I look at them and feeling so empty inside when I look at the living rm at night hahahaha never thought I could miss noise so much sigh WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS (or maybe I'm just lazy but hey show mercy pls I slept 3 hrs that night and travelled to bukit batok two days before)

Excited for the future with these ppl and many more sleepovers haze battles smelly pizza tauhuey bday surprises and more moremoreomoremoreoere ok this is going to sound weird but I just thought of what if one of them died and now I really wish no one dies because I will be a true WRECK... pls don't die ok my dear friends... because then who is going to provide me with 6A therapy who is gonna eat my smelly pizza who is gonna go for supper with me who is going to plan bday surprises with me who is going to make me feel such STRANGE AND QUEER i-can't-figure-out-why warmth so different from when I'm with other people................. don't die!!!!!!!!

Laos gathering after that and I was SO... SLEEPY............................. at my house again so at least I didn't have to move. Ordered pizzaaaaa and watched Frozen/played with the wii  and did. not. take. any. pictures. wow. and we were so camera-loving in Laos......... maybe it was cos only a few could make it so it didn't feel complete but.. yeah............... 

Chionged to buy secret santa gift before meeting the careteam at Lavender and dinner at 12-inch pizza!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD OMG can't believe I ate pizza for both lunch AND dinner wowow but it was reaaaaaaaaaaalllyyyyyyyyyy goooooddddd. 

We're reachign the end!!!!!!!!!1

NYE was spent nua-ing at home like really nua to the maximum. Met up with chloe at like 10pm before squishing our way through the crowd outside MBS to catch the fireworks!! It started to get SO hot because of the crowd and we were perspiring like mad but the fireworks was soooo prettyyyyyy so once again #noragrets (this is getting old). POST-FIREWORKS WAS TERRIBLE because everyone was trying to get out so we couldn't beat the crowd so we decided to walk to city hall instead of bayfront which meant we had to walk AGAINST the crowd and omg...... I have never pressed my body against so many other bodies before... and most of them were indian men who smelt like alcohol too................ 

Sorry this is all I have + no editing cos too lazy 

Anyway decided the train was going to be too crowded so we took a bus instead that zoomed us (me) all the way to Bishan where I belong (hahaha) and then hoooommememmemee.


I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

2013 was really a fulfilling year although definitely not the happiest but so many lessons learnt so many things discovered so many friends to be grateful for :-)))) H

Hello 2014

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