12 December 2013

Blogger is being so annoying I can't even open this page properly in chrome so I'm using IE oh my...

Anyway came back from BKK just a few days ago!! Was so tired from waking up soooOOOoo early to go to Pratunum market for 2 consecutive days and everyday was just shop eat shop eat shop eat but that's ok because shopping was good and so was eating.

Prom after that and as usual I am too damn lazy to post any pictures (ha ha this will not do maybe next time). Met Srija (who was late so I had to stand there by myself looking very overdressed!!!) at Marymount before cabbing over to the hotel. Program was really good!!! That and the emcees were really much better than I expected ^~^ Post-prom was a different story though because at first we were going to go to the ice/eskibar but somehow plans changed and we were going to sing K...... and then all of a sudden we didn't have anything to do so we ended up in a club. HAR HAR

Spent the next hour or so stumbling around (sober) in our heels and not knowing what to do. Spent about 2 seconds in the crowd and couldn't!!! take!!! it!!! so we just left. Sat outside along the very peaceful river and talked and talked until 2+ while watching drunk girls puke all over the place and fall all over their boyfriends....... which really got me thinking but I will get to that (or maybe I won't). Just thought it was very sad that there are people who actually wish to be seen in that state. I don't doubt that it probably feels good to not have a care in the world but from my POV it's really quite pathetic, especially if you are a girl. Why would you want to be seen in such a vulnerable position/stumbling around like a drunkard puking all over the place/hands all over a stranger's body??? I don't know it all just seems to me that anyone who does that has 0 respect for him/herself.

BACK to the point... cabbed home with Srijuice and reached home around 3 and realized I didn't have the house keys!! so I had to muster the courage to wake mummy up to open the door for me hehehhehheh. My toes are still numb from the entire night in heels zzz I hope the nerves?? repair themselves so I can feel normal walking again ahaha.


The past few days have been spent mostly by myself which naturally led to a lot of thinking and feeling sad for myself because i think that may just be my hobby really. Scolding myself for ever being so foolish and believing in forever (I really should have seen this coming... oh well)

Maybe it'll be easier to just embrace whatever change that comes into my life and to just go with the flow instead of always trying so hard and always remaining at the same sad spot sigh

Also looked at my bucket list last night and proceeded to delete everything because all of a sudden my wishes seemed so shallow and meaningless. Amazing how things/our mnds change after a year eh?? How now jumping off cliffs and kayaking in bioluminiscence rivers aren't all that important anymore.... they are still things I would want to possibly do in future but right now it all seems so insignificant...

You know that feeling
when you are not your best friend's
best friend?

To not know may just be the greatest blessing one could ask for

Everything is ok, everything is how it should be

Looking forward to 2014 I need a new start again. 2013 has been a hell of a ride (in both good and bad ways...) and right now I'm going down again

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