13 September 2013

54 (hate coming up with post titles...)

54 days left to A's

I've been talking about it so much it doesn't even feel real anymore haha. Been sleeping after midnight for the past week which is a very very rare occurrence for those who don't know how much of a pig I am yet. BUT I haven't been doing work which is not a good thing.

Completed my UCAS application yesterday but it's still a burden because I have to get a teacher reference within the next 3 days which is near impossible. Can only blame myself for my extreme laziness and inefficiency and hope my other teachers will be nice. Almost hoped that I were a boy so I would have an extra year to apply for uni HAHA but on second thoughts nope no thanks. My personal statement is soooooo cheesy I hope it doesn't sound too dreamy or anything.

Having mixed emotions about the way our prelims have been spread out because I think I don't remember any of my bio/geog anymore?! Please let the next 54 days be the most productive 54 days I've ever lived ahhhhhh so scared but at the same time excited for my post-A's plans!!!! hehe

Thankful that I don't have anything else troubling me at this point of time so I can concentrate on studying :-) Slowly letting goooooo.

Just a random thought... isn't it sad how after 18 years in school some people still complain about "nerds"?

Also 3 days till I part with gracebraceface forever!!!!!!!!!

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