16 August 2013

So so thankful for such a WONDERFUL end to our last full week of school before prelims begin :') Feeling strangely calm and contented and reminded that it doesn't pay to be self-centered because there are so many people around you who can and will make you feel so much better :-)

Had our very last PE with the class today and as much as I hate PE today was possibly the most fun/thrilling PE has ever been heh. Played soccer against SC5 and of course I was of no help at all but it was fun running around (surprise, surprise). Took class photos after that and imitated the soccer team.... hehehehehh.....

thunderbudz shot 

Tutorials after that went by surprisingly quickly (that I can't even remember what was taught oopz)!! Ate lunch in school before washing up and heading to the library. Finished a math prelim paper (in 3.5 hours...... HAHA) and by then it was alr 8pm cos we went to star vista to buy dinner back at around 6 hehe renewed my love for bubble tea (this is not a good thing). Went a bit mad after finishing my math paper and took picz and stuff. Finished a chem mcq paper too!! 16/08/2013 has now officially become the most productive day of my entire JC life.

Left when the void deck lights went boom (actually I had 3 questions left so I used the light from my phone to read the questions and chiong HAHA mad) and walked to bv with the rest which totally proved to be a mistake because I was dripping with sweat (at 10pm.... really) which made me SMELLIER than I already was thanks to PE. Went mad singing national day songs and our school song (#1 patriots) and talked about Korea and Korea and Korea with XT on the train back. Made ambitious plans to go there together when we are 21 (ie. 2016 HAHAHHAH)

Really glad today was productive not just wrt to studying but because overall it was really really a verrrrry happy day despite how we studied for 5 hours + Friday's timetable (which SUX) (>^w^<)  I never thought I would enjoy being in school this much or feel such a sense of belonging. SoooOOOOOooO grateful for ma fwens hehe love love HAHA. Sad to say we only have 2 months left but we'll make it count!!! Super excites for seniors' night toooooooo.

共同努力!!! (Let's make these 2 months the most memorable 60 days of our lives)(Ironically......)

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