19 May 2013


Seems like just yesterday that I saw these familiar faces.... can't believe how much time has passed since I last saw them :'(( So amazing how much they have grown (biology is beautiful! quote mr lim) Really going through a i-miss-everything-why-not-reminisce-about-all-the-good-things-that-have-happened-in-my-life phase now please excuse me but when I saw this pic I REALLY WANTED TO CRY. 
So thankful I've had the chance to be part of the lives of these people. So humbling (ok speaking of humbling the football match on Friday was MAD humbling cos... how do these boys even run around for 3 hours and STILL have that determination if it were me I would have dropped dead after 30 mins. or seconds)(and secondly i overuse the word humbling)

:'))))))))))))))))) so proud of these kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 

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