14 May 2013

come whatever

Shall take this time while my HIMYM is downloading to do a fast fast update today was a good day hhehehehehe ^^

Happy happy birthday to Ms. Seet AKA Mr. Luk!!!!! Had a very very good laosyish day today really  missed the feeling of sitting around a table together saying stupid (very stupid) stuff and laughing like mad people :') Just so happened that for this very short period everyone (ok not everyone) had break (aka decided to skip lectures) and we had a mini reunion HAHAHA oh man really wanna go back :( No chance of a grand reunion in the near future though SOB SOBZ. It's ok our hearts will forever be with each other because we were meant to be hehe ok kidz i have too much energy today.

Speaking of having too much energy we had bio SPA today and I accidentally threw my beans all over the lab cos I finished early and had nothing to do.... then I proceeded to spill the soda lime (which is not THAT corrosive they are liars) all over my paper. After that I still had too much time so I filled the plastic glove with water and swung it everywhere (ok I did this only after our papers were collected because I was scared they would accuse me of being dishonest (hahah) or something) WHICH reminded me of this boy I once saw on the bus who was holding a plastic glove filled with water in the bus and just carrying it around like it's perfectly normal, which also tortured me because I was sitting opposite him and had to suppress my laughter for a whole 20 minutes because the "fingers" looked too much like udders HAHAHAHA.

Anyway this post is so not in chronological order so please excuse me I can't stop talking hahhaahhaa. Woke up extra early today for breakfast with my precious laotians/celebrate XT's birthday!! Speaking of which her birthday present is taking a long time HHAHAHA. Vivian Adeline and Shuying AKA Biggest Badasses Ever ponned all their lectures and only went to school at 10+ (BY CAB. which took about the same amount time as if we had walked...). Chilledz in the void deck until SPA TIME before going up to the lab AKA sauna.

Went for lunch with the thunderbudz at HV after that!! We are very atas yah so we ate at the hawker centre :-) Bought three cupcakes which are all half-eaten (by me and the sister) because they cost 10 DOLLAS and I cannot bear to just finish them like that. Maybe a bite a day....

SUPER LOVE SPA WEEK because it means that on Thursday we get to NOT go for lessons again!! (ok can you tell that I cannot stop talking today already I'm so happy heheheh and excited for what I also don't know but anyhooo) Macs breakfast/Hockey finals on Thursday and then blueslip for football on Friday!!!!! Unending love for all you sports people for always getting me out of school early :')

On a very random note I really want to watch Walk Off The Earth live can you just imagine.......... because I can't hahahahahaha.

So excited about life right now guess all I needed was a reminder that there are still people around me who bother which motivates me to bother too :-) A very very timely reminder when I was just starting to get annoyed. Still praying for those having season/preparing for concerts you can do it my friends play for the 1 who matters most :-))) Super duper proud of all of you for persevering thus far I wouldn't have been able to :-)

Time has really really flown by it's been almost 6 months since we left for Laos......... besides my first ever mission trip nothing has impacted my life like those 9 days did. So filled with gratitude once again really hope we get to meet properly and a team soon croxxx fingers

BYE hehe

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