15 April 2013

someone to hold

EXTREMELY HAPPY NOW because I have finished all my work (ok this is a big fat lie but I just realised we don't have math tmr so hallehallehallelujah because I really don't want to do the timed assignment she gave us today whooopeeeeee)(oh i haven't finished my bio prac either but i don't know somehow my brain is fooling me into thinking i'm done with my work so that shall be it)!!!!!!!!!!!

So so so so thankful for the past week of reflection I feel like I'm finally finally back on track :-) :-) Had something affecting me like mad though but today it kind of died down and owell time to let go again. Letting go must be one of the most difficult but most rewarding things to do.

Starting to feel too tired to care though :( bad bad bad. Only praying for enough strength to pass on to those around me haha buttttt I'm still as bad as completing my work so things are a bit ironic now ermz. Don't know why I don't like doing work so much also??!!

Been thinking and thinking and thinking of Laos and was just reminiscing with Srija on the train just now. Read and reread my journal too and I really really miss the feeling after finishing a successful lesson :') Miss our 2h long meals and how we were all we had aaaaand our last night in the guesthouse. Nothing feels as bad knowing that the 24 of us will (most probably) never go back together as a team again :'( but sigh people drift apart all the time and nobody knows what's ahead of us right? No matter how hard we try it takes 2 hands to clap (ok nothing to clap about here sobz)(ok starting to sound bitter sorry my insecurities are shooting sky high the thought of losing good friends killz me).

ok backtrack backtrack

Lunch @ Habitat Coffee with Chloe on Saturday!!! Tuition was cancelled so we ended up going to Salted Caramel after lunch/brunch and sitting for 4 hours before going to J8 and realising that Cotton On/Typo (ok too many brand names in the last 2 sentences I don't like capitalising so many words it takes a lot of energy) was having this MASSIVE SALE (which also ended up with me buying a christmas tree for $1. I will elaborate later). Love how we can just talk and talk and talk and talk about everything possible hehe so thankful for this mad cow though she's so bloody irritating (HEEHEE) but I hope she never ever sees this because the last thing her ego needs is boosting.

oOoOoOHHHH and my christmas tree ^^ There's nothing to elaborate on actually I just thought it deserved a paragraph of its own.

Went for dinner @ Novena with the cousins after that!! Was sooooo full so I only ate dessert heeheh. Talked about our fathers and mothers and uncles and aunties until 9+ before heading back to Upper Thomson for Scoopz WHICH I did not eat (in case you were thinking about what a pig I am).

Church Sunday morning > home > tuition. An extremely unexciting day.........

School today was torturous but OWELL things can only get worse.

I surrender

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