4 April 2013

Be kind,

for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Been repeating this over and over and over in my head and I'm glad things have improved from last week phew. PE has really been mentally/emotionally draining for some reason and I really really really don't like it. I know it doesn't matter how well I throw a ball or catch a ball or aim a ball and I don't really care either but I hate it when we are split into teams and I pull everyone else down. I know no one will blame me but OMG IT JUST FEELS BAD LAH

Discovered a few things today and realised how selfish and insensitive I've been... complaining about not keeping my spot on the honour roll while those around me are struggling to even pass. New inspiration to start helping those around me even though I don't even know how............. yet................ So humbled by the sportsmen's dedication to their teams etc. and the amount of sacrifice and effort they put in to be their best. Something that I will never experience and can only look at them and learn sigh haha. It makes me feel lousy about myself sometimes (ok, a lot of times) but then again I haven't done anything to deserve what they have.

Wishing all the best to all my friends who have started/are starting their season!! Really really praying hard that they will have the strength and determination and to continue to inspire people like meee. I HATE it when my friends feel bad over a bad game and I just want to buy them big big tubs of ice cream and eat it with them but I can't cos 1. they can't cos it's too unhealthy 2. I will really turn into a ball.

Using this term to focus my mind on the people around me because they deserve all the focus in the world and I need to distract myself from myself.

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