7 March 2013


Typing here to commemorate what I think is was the (genuinely) happiest day of 2013 so far :-) Experienced the full effects of "pray hardest when it's hardest to pray" and am feeling so.... peaceful now HAHAHAHA.

Super thankful for the productive day today!!! Went for dental (only ~3months left till i bid farewell to my metalmouth!!!!!!!!!) after school and then good study session at CBTL (and ermz shopping to reward myself)(before I started studying). Came home and just got back from some crazy exercising with the brother who made me do this MAD workout. I think I should just crawl to school tomorrow. Going to watch one episode of HIMYM to fully productify this day heeeheeeee.

Was soo sosoo osososos happy when I was going home just now I almost grabbed a random stranger and start talking to him and telling him how wonderful my life is. Not sure how God works and why I'm SO HAPPY all of a sudden but hey don't question anything when your life suddenly becomes good because before you know the goodness will be walking out of your life again. Just found it very funny that I only felt so good after studying geog??? Maybe I really do like the subject after all but I don't really want to do geog for the rest of my life.... I'll just keep it as an interest hahaha

Running out of time to study for terms but I know eventually I will finish my revision because I want to. Hoping this positivity stays with me till... I die.


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