23 February 2013


The past few weeks after orientation have been crazy tired and busy and I haven't even had the time to sort out my thoughts sigh so jealous of people who have such control over themselves. Something I will take a long long time to accomplish :(

Many many happy moments over CNY and Valentines day but also many sad/doubting/hopeless/disappointing moments getting back my math CA (:'(), getting threatened with DC, feeling shitty for feeling shitty, feeling guilty for bitching about the world (everyday), and many many other things that have been going on in my mind.

Realised how NOT confident I am of myself when I got back my math CA and almost failed sobz. The worst I have ever done for a test in JC and the worst part was it didn't even motivate me to try harder??? Just felt like giving up on my myself haha what a loser but now I will try to work harder okkk.

Got a new phone!! So I have pictures that I actually take and own!! wheeeee ^^

Steamboat/super nice cards/lunch at yakun/Sisong's birthday surprise with the og kiddos :-)

:-) :-) being very attentive during lessons 

Can't wait for church tomorrow so I finally can put my mind and heart at ease (not that I can't do it at home but it's way more effective over there hehe). Excited for what's ahead :-)

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