28 February 2013


Need a holiday so much to get away from people. Not because I don't like the people around me but because I feel myself becoming more blah and straying away like never before. Need to start accepting that I can't do everything and some things are simply not meant to be.

Sooooo thankful that we don't have proteomics until after March hols because having to stay till 6 for lessons  is a ttttttoooooooorrrrrrrrtttttttuuuuuurrrrrrreeeeeee but I will ren and ren and ren and ren for the sake of my future yah HAHA.

Managed to destroy BOTH the Kindle and my new phone yesterday and it was... super, super, super distressing and frustrating and I was so frustrated with myself and my life and I really just wanted to sleep for a 200 hours and run away from reality :( which also includes terms which are in 11 days!!!!!! HALLELUJAH

Watching the seniors collect their results tomorrow and I think I'm more nervous than them what on earth because when other people cry tears of joy/sadness I also want to cry and it makes me think of what I'll be feeling in 365 days SOBZ. Really really wonder where I'll go after JC................. I CAN'T WAIT FOR A LEVELS TO END IS IT TOO EARLY TO SAY THIS?

Miss Laos so so so soooooooo much words cannot describe how much I want to sit on the floor of that... house and play polar bear/the number game and I miss my kids and how tight our team was. I even miss being crazy tired after our lessons and painting the mural and nvmWHAT'S PAST IS PAST sobz

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