7 February 2013

I want some more~~

Really cannot express how thankful I am now for my OGkids and Ignito :-) Regret regret regret saying I regret joining orientation and all the things I have said without even thinking or trusting :( because I was completely wrong

The past 4 days have been PHENOMENAL and it's amazing how 48 hours can bring people so close together. Ultra touched when on the third day my OG kid(s) described themselves are brothers and sisters. Felt so accomplished :') but at the same time I know we weren't the ones who did all the work. So grateful for an OG that never complains or criticises the programme/dance/games and for all their open hearts :')

Truly "as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Even though I was supposed to be their role model I have learnt so so so much from them.

The past few weeks have been one of the most tiring weeks of my life (and I feel bad for saying this cos I didn't even do much compared to many other people...) but it was all worth it :) Through all my nervous breakdowns over UNdoable math questions, times when I start to question my decisions, trying and trying to overcome my insecurities and failing, relying on my own wants and plans, to being blessed with such an amazing bunch of kids and finally realising how wonderful the people around me are, thank You for never giving up on me :')

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