7 January 2013

in your fingertips

Sitting on my cosy little bed finally typing out my very first post of 2013 woohoooo!!! It's so funny how the purpose I started this non-existent blog is so different from what I'm doing now. coughshamefulpastcough

Secret santa + BBQ with the precious precious laotians on Sunday :-) Can't thank God more for such a fun and inspiring bunch. It's so amazing how much I was blessed in 2012. I remember in April/May when I kept complaining to the world how my life sucked and being miserable and feeling sorry for myself hahaha. But I think I'd rather remember July (aka after church camp) when for the very first time I let go and let God and since then I don't think I've felt miserable a single time :-) :-) Results, Laos, Malaysia, youth camp, Korea, SC8 and on and on and on and on and on

Anywayyy got a lift to SH's house and made cards for the teachers before going down for the BBQ!! I look HORRIBLE in the pictures btw I can't even look at them for more than 10seconds before running to my window and puking my guts out. It's really bad my body's been acting super crazy since I came back from Korea. I know I'm talking very awkwardly now cos I can't really connect the words cos in my head I'm singing along to One Direction blasting in my ears so... I can't. My secret santa didn't come in the end so I was the only one in the circle who didn't have a present sobz :'( but I got it today so whee yay

First day of school today was good!!!!!!!!!!! It was perfect really hahhaha. I have this irrational fear of the First Day of School so today was..... very good. Our class is down to 16 people now though :-( No more chicken buddy and Mr. Drunk and many more + Rachel the Pee Buddy is leaving for Scotland tomorrow night booohooooo. but other than that classes were good :) Almost all our teachers are the same as last year and guess who's chem rep now!!! HAHA had an intense discussion with Mrs Y. over who will drive the other crazy first. I'm quite determined to make her go crazy over me yeah ;)

I couldn't get over how my social circle has almost totally changed since last year though!! It felt so strange looking at all the Laotians in school uniform. After all I spent 9 days with them looking like beggars so everyone just looks super neat and clean and tidy and proper in their uniforms hahaha. PLUS we are all wearing the same thing and somehow that's quite amusing I don't know why. but it's so comforting knowing that wherever you go there's someone there :-) Not quite sure if you get what I mean but yah HAHA. So different from secondary school when.................................................... it wasn't so nice haha.

Excited but still a bit scared for the year ahead!! Only 10 months to alvls aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh but it starts on 11/11 which is a beautiful date therefore I will not be scared. Was chionging geog like crazy just now and I took SO. LONG. to finish a 16m essay and when I finished I was EXHAUSTED. and I'm not even done but I gave up.


Haven't ~crafted~ my list of new year resolutions but I'm going to think hard about it before I write anything down. I actually gave up on making new year resolutions like 17 years ago but this year I'm going to write something and stick to it. I already decided on one actually, which is to study hard HAHAHA. I suck

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