15 December 2012


Back from Malaysia!!! It was actually quite fun overall even though the mosquitoes drove me CRAZY. Had almost 60-70 bites at one point and it was so torturous D: but other than that the food was good and Auntie Cindy is the best host I've ever seen in my life hahahaha. 

Yesterday was another Happy Laos Day ^^ (typed this yesterday btw and I'm too lazy to change the tense and all so.. yah)

Went to school for OGL meeting first which went better than expected considering I don't/didn't know any of them!! Rushed home and waited 30 minutes for the stupid bus grr. Rushed out again to meet XT SH Jeter Jireh to watch The Hobbit. Okay lah I admit it was much better than I expected considering I hardly/never ever watch such shows :-)

Was buying my little santahatclip along the streets when someone suggested going to the airport for dinner since Vivian was coming anyway! and guess what

WE WENT. and by the time we left town it was already 8+!!! Siao I tell you. And then when we were there we remembered that Bryan was going to leave too so in the end we stayed all the way till 11++. Was walking casually to the MRT station when we heard the announcement that the last train was going to leave and XT's card had NO MONEY. Heart attack heart attack but we managed to catch it ^^ Caught the last train from Tanah Merah too and now I'm on the train home which is (honestly disappointingly) not the last train hahaha. Would've been cool if I took three last trains consecutively but it's ok, spared from three consecutive heart attacks too.

Super happy and touched now by our on-ness and closeness!! Never expected myself to find such an amazing bunch of people :-) Collected my letters from XT too (and had to escape from YC facil briefing... heh) and I'm smiling to myself like an idiot I'm so embarrassed. 

and I haven't even opened them HAHA 

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