4 December 2012


My heart currently feels like it's going to explode because it's so full of love and gratitude and joy, but also tint of sadness and nostalgia. So many emotions running through my... body now hahaha.

Been hanging out so much with these people I'm sure I'll never get over how much I miss them :( hahahaha.

Met Vivian Srija Bryan Timothy Aspen for lunch at 313 first and played our number game again. Will never ever get sick of this :-) Gave out my notes/friendship bands tooooooo!!!! Motivation to continue making the next half!!

Bought bubble tea (there goes my aim of no bubble tea until 2013 -.-) and went to watch Life of Pi!!!! It was good. Watching Pitch Perfect with the sister tomorrow YAY. Spending money like nobody's business but sigh... holidays........................... \

Dinner after that at Aston's @ Upper Thomson! Why do all my sentences end with an exclamation mark! I sound too excited!! Ice cream at Udders after that hahaha it was so funny because Vivi and I shared a double scoop and she chose chocolate while I chose peanut butter, and then we found out later that I don't like chocolate ice cream and she doesn't like peanut butter. HAHA. Perfect.

Leaving for Malaysia on Thursday!! Kind of excited hahaha. Kk bye

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