3 December 2012


Phone dying ipod dead no friends no friendship bands to make and I took the kindle out of my bag before I left the house so I'm feeling super restless on the train without anything to do and therefore I'm going to type this while my phone lasts :-(

Laos gathering yesterday!!!! ^^

I know we only came back a week ago but I feel like I haven't seen them FOREVER. ok gonna complete this and then go to bed cos even though I'm not sleepy I feel like going to bed because I can.

Met up with VIVI first before meeting the rest after church!! Too much time and nothing to do :-) Ate meatballs at ikea (which disappointed me. again) before hopping over to far east where I had a manicure (sounds too demure) for the first time ever!! And as expected I've already ruined half of it but it's okay that's what life is about :-)

Met XT Jeter and Jireh and took a bus to the cold storage opposite Bryan's house. Bought a WHOLE LOAD of rubbish including whipped cream, baby food and dora the explorer table mats which was worth the money in the end. kind of.
Ordered our pizza after that and then to Bryan's house!! Sat around and ate chips and invented a new version of the number game where the setter has to do the forfeit if the number is guessed within the first round (which never fails to happen) and then when the pizza came we went out to the gardenwithoutthegardener and ate our pizza. Played a round of I Have Never/Ever and revealed my dirty (literally) little secret hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It's not as bad as it sounds ok. Started drizzling so we went back in!!

Chubbybunny after that was the best and the worst I was foaming marshmallows after only 6 sigh I'm quite disappointed in my mouth size :(

Ok I'm very distracted cos I'm watching videos of Shimon Levi and he's so amazing and the lions are so beautiful and perfect and the tigers are so magnificent look at the patterns on their backs and look at the white lions how could such things exist and why are they so scary at the same time I want to hug a lion. I shall embed a video at the end of this post so all of you can be in awe of the lions together with me! 

Played indian poker/king poker and we did things that will stay in Bryan's house forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Didn't get to try the gross concoction though!! but no regrets heeeeeeheeee. Finished our chicken after that and picture-taking and homeeee.

Really really really had a great night. Going to meet these people again tomorrow!! Need to find a way to get money for the movie tomorrow my bank account is crying bleeding sobbing puking but.. anything for the company hahahaaha. I know there a lot of redundant unimportant details up there and I'm sorry if you read all of it but I just wanna make sure I record every single tiny memory I have of these people heheh



Had a good talk which made me cry with mummy just now and sigh. sighhhh. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She wasn't even scolding me but sighhhhhh I just felt bad for idk what reason sighhhhhh. Bottom line was that a lot of things in this world are messed up and we don't care enough to turn things around. What would I do without her hahahaha.

Ok anyway promised video!!!!!!!! that you probably won't watch!!! but I will. and I would if I were you.

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