8 November 2012

raised to life~

Typed this on my phone to pass time on the bus home. Haha it's so much easier to say what's on my mind here compared to the computer because my phone is so useless it doesn't have any distractions that could possibly come with it.

There's this little guy approximately 1m away from me who keeps shouting something that sounds like GRACEPNG! and I'm quite disturbed.

Anywayz had Laos meeting earlier this morning and presented our lesson plans!! Thankful to have a group that's so willing to do the work hehe ;)
The excitement hasn't gotten to me yet but I'm sure it will soooon just like how it did the past two years :-)

Lecture-only week has made going to school seem so pointless because we only go for 1 or 2 hours of lessons but I'm not asking for more~~~
Had lunch with Adeline today cos both of us had nowhere to go and made a life-changing realisation that Grace and Texas Chicken do not go well together >:( Don't EVER believe their $3.50 scam AKA the "Greatest Deal Ever!" because all you'll get is a few scraps of food and I don't know how to express the hurt and disappointment it cost my savage breast. and my wallet. because it was SO unsatisfying we had to buy a sortofminimeal. and even then they gave me drumlets when the menu obviously said winglets!!!! I'm so pissed


Now on my way home from an impromptu retail therapy (from what ah) session which I decided on after falling asleep on an Indian man's shoulder (does this sound racist because it's not meant to be. I guess the Indian man's shoulder whispered in my ear that I should go shopping), with a giant bag of perfect examples of what some people call impulse buys.

Really cleared my mind after yesterday and had good long qt last night :-)



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