13 November 2012

Love you whenever we're together

Love you when we're apart~

Just cleaned up the house after class gathering at my house last night/this morning!! Was so worried everyone would be bored or there wouldn't be space to fit so many people or we wouldn't have enough food but everything turned out ok in the end!! :) 

Had such a great time watching tv, playing mariokart, playing cards, modified pictionary, looking through baby photos and just sitting around talking nonsense.
Half of the class went back home at around 10 and another 1/4 went back around 12 and Srija Adeline and Jiale stayed over hehe :-) 

Had about 10 bags of chips half a pizza 5 chicken wings and a bottle of drink left over = me growing very fat in the next few days. Feeling so blessed and thankful for sc8 now :-)))))))))) Really cannot express how fortunate I am to have been placed in this class and for e a c h a n d e v e r y one of them *inserts many hearts*. Can't believe that for a period of time this year I actually thought I was very unlucky and sad hahaha. For a teenimini moment last night I just sat there watching everyone play with Max providing cheesy love songs in the background on his guitar and everything felt so surreal and unbelievably carefree and happy. If only life could be like this all the time :(

Super excited for 6A gathering tomorrow if there's still one!! Oh I hope it's still on cross fingersxxx. Haven't seen them since Joey's birthday which feels like forever ago.

Youth One BBQ tonight!! Supposed to plan games but I really don't know what to do AHAH just planning to kope a 1N2D game and make them play it. Originality+creativity 200% thx :) Wasn't very excited cos I'm going to be like an old woman there but now I'm ~quite~ excited for unknown reasons.

Have to start packing for Laos soon ooh ohohohohofhoh o can't believe we're leaving in 5 days!! Packed my week full of fun before I leave heheheh ok have to get ready for bbq soon but it's raining and boo bbq's are not fun when it's raining.

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