5 November 2012

life goes onnn

Here to take a break from all the OP craze and panic, HIMYM marathon and endless 9gag scrollingbecauseIamtoolazytodoanythingelse. Calm before the storm hahaha.

Got back our results last week and I can't say I'm not satisfied with my results. Feeling satisfied is one thing but feeling happy is whole new emotion I couldn't even bring myself to feel after getting back my results.

AC has changed my life in every way possible and made it a million times better compared to secondary school and obviously it wouldn't have been possible without sc8. It's so heartbreaking and heartwarming and overwhelming at the same time when I hear my classmates jokingly talk about their notsogood results. I KNOW that if it were me I wouldn't be able to do it and it sucks knowing that I won't be able to spend my last year in AC with these amazing people that have impacted my life so greatly. At a time like this when results seem to be everything they have taught me so much and made me realise how much I lack.

Ok need to stop moping around and feeling sorry. So glad I've been blessed with such memories. Chicken buddies, peepals, thunder buddies, endless OUTRAGE OF MODESTY, weiloonggettingcoughhighcoughduringcoughlecture, dying together under meow with fellow geog mates and laughing until we fall off our chairs during breaks.

Have complete faith that all of us will pass As with flying soaring teleporting colours and make it onto honours roll. YES.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE, let me talk about my OGL interview AKA the most embarrassing humiliating intimidating moment of my 17 years of LIFE.

Went in and they were all staring at me like whatwhatwhatamisupposedtodo and thanks to my deafness I didn't even hear them when they asked me to introduce myself and I continued to not be able to hear them for the rest of the interview actually.

Started off with a few proper questions and then came the omgstupid moments. Somehow managed to make myself tell two of the stupidest riddles to ever enter my brain and later LAUGH AT MYSELF. Was asked what I would do if my OG kids felt bored, wanted to have fun but didn't want to play games and in my head I was all whatdoyouwantfrommethere'snothingelsethatisfun and in the end I said LET'S DANCE. SAID ME. THE ONE WHO DANCES AS WELL AS A TREE TRUNK.
So I did the Mr. Bean dance and in case you are curious or do not know what it is exactly here is the link for your entertainment. Ok great I can't even find it please don't tell me I made it up.
but... THAT'S NOT ALL. cos since they were SO unamused by my mr. bean dance I told them I could break dance (this is what happens when you put me under pressure) so I put both hands on the floor................................... and walked one circle round my hands.


Answered a few more scenario questions (very badly) and was asked to sing the college anthem. So I did. Then came the question of year.
"Why is the sky blue?"
Lucky I don't know the scientific answer or my scientific brain would have taken over and I would start talking about the sun's rays and the spectrum or something like that (right? HAHAA).
I ended up making up some story about how the sky reflects the blue from the sea, which is blue because there are blue fish who eat some kind of bacteria in the sea which makes them turn blue. And they like eating the bacteria because the bacteria tastes like french fries because people like throwing potatoes into the sea.

I'm actually quite proud of myself for that story AHAHAHA.
Then came my greatest fear which was to do a CHEER on one leg. Asked if I could do an echo cheer and they were all like. no. so I did thunder/thunderation hallelujah bestest cheer ever. because it just goes on and on and I had no idea when to stop. SMARTEST CHOICE.

Left the room feeling like a total idiot. UGH. but I'm over it now I'M SO OVER IT.

OP tomorrow and I'm not even nervous pfft but when I get there tomorrow I'll be scared and freezing and shaking like a little mouse. PLUS Ms. Lye is my examiner and... omg I don't even know if that's a good or bad thing. I hope she likes me. HAHAHAHA.

13 days till we fly off to Laos! ooommmmmggggg so faaasssttttt (so unprepared too). Malaysia + Korea in December!!! YAY EXCITES.
REALLY can't wait for OP to be over because when that happens it means I'm done with my entire PW journey!!
Dreamt a few days ago that there would still be PW in J2. Worst nightmare zz.



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