26 November 2012

I'm baccckkkkk

and I have no idea what to do with my life anymore. What do people do during holidays? I miss everything so much I'm not in the mood to do anything but scroll through tumblr and sulk in a corner and tell everyone how much I miss the Laos team and the country :-( Really hate this feeling sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.

Still considering if I should post my journal entries here (without the coughpersonalstuffcough) but I'm so lazy haahaha. Non-stop refreshing my twitter timeline because everyone is tweeting about Laos GOD I MISS IT SO MUCH I WANT TO FLY BACK AND KISS ALL THE DUCKENS

Miss waking up at 0545 and going down the supersteep staircase thinking i'm going to fall and roll down and break my head, washing up in my small toilet, writing in my little notebook, preparing the instant noodles for breakfast, heading out for whatever we need to do, coming back for lunch, heading out for lessons and coming back feeling this indescribable joy after teaching the kids, playing polar bear (or duckens) and all sorts of games, dinner, washing the dishes and queuing for the toilets, somehow-super-tiring debrief sessions and then lying in bed listening to all of everyone's stories before falling asleep sweating and waking up at 5am shivering.

My hair still smells like smoke and I don't really want to wash anything away. Exhausted after our crazy session last night and sleeping for only 20 minutes. Going to hug my filthy pillow to sleep because I can't bear to wash it goodnight love you all

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