6 October 2012


Done with everything in my J1 year except for PW :-)
Ended promos on a good note with an OOOKKKK geog paper I'm glad I studied for in the end. I was totally out of stamina the day before the paper because after 4 weeks of studying I couldn't take it anymore and it was our last paper so...... nobody really felt like studying hahaha. Started promos with GP on Monday! I don't think I did well for my essay but oh well it's over. Killerchem on Tuesday doable math on Wednesday and okay bio on Thursday hehe :-) :-)
but overall I think I'm very very lucky our promos are only 5 days long and there's only one paper for each subject (except for GP). I feel like I studied harder for this than I did for O levels and I'm quite sure it will pay of........... right?

It's so amazing how fast time flies. One whole year since I graduated from secondary school (and am I happy I have!!!) and how much life has become so much more worth living than it was last year. That few life-changing/ultra relieving/random moments when I realised I could finally feel comfortable in school which only made this J1 year better. 

Europe > O level results > AC > China > Italy > Church camp > Terms > Promos 
Really really really really really thankful for such a fruitful year :-) 
BUT it's not over yet and there's more to come wheeeeeeeee!!!!

OCIP trip, youth camp, possiblyoglprep, and of course sleepless nights of PW :)

Recharged and ready to goooooooo (ok I admit I'm actually getting bored after one day of not having to study) 


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