19 September 2012

turn my heart, o Lord

Hello I haven't been here in days months years decades centuries milleniums ages eons and I actually don't have much to say :(

So many things have changed in the past few weeks blaahhhh and not in a good way but there's a reason for everything. right...? RoOoOollercoaster of emotions but I think it's just PMS or me truly turning into an idiot.

Friends come, friends go, and I really really really don't wish to make the effort to keep you close if you don't seem to cherish what we have or used to have, but I'm going to try anyway because that's what friends are for.

So sad buddy has gone to Dublinnnn :( No one to chill with me at Wendy's creating stupid bucket lists or insult my love for avocado ice cream anymore but nah she'll be back very very soon.

Promos in 1.5 weeks!! :( (I have completely lost all ability to blog and talk about one thing using more than two sentences)(is this a sign I'm going to fail GP)(I think so). Can't say I'm ready yet but crossingfingers I'll be ready by then xxxxxxx I'm quite proud that I'm keeping up with my study plan heeeheee (which I very carefully made during chem tutorial so that I would use the entire 40 minutes doing it so that mrs yong would think I was doing work).

Been laughing so much recently hahahaohohohehehe especially during breaks. Yesterday we watched Mr. Bean and videos of people falling down and today we had this ultra intense conversation about URINALS. Thankful for my classmates who make going to school worthwhile hehe :) I don't care if we're supposed to study during breaks (?) BREAKS ARE BREAKS OKAY THEY ARE NOT MEANT FOR DOING WORK.
Had our thousandth Laos meeting yesterday and wahlao my group only knows how to make me feel guilty :( but I am very nice and they are very nice and everybody is very nice so we are all at peace with each other. right.

Studied at Greenwich aka my new favourite place with hannnahhhhh today!! The CBTL there is so cold (so cold that water vapour started condensing on us once we stepped out) and so nice to study at hehe. Didn't manage to finish what I planned to finish but at least I did something!  I still have uhm. 11 days to promos. Looking on the bright side. 11 days is 264 hours and time passes extremely slowly (at least that's what I observed during lessons). Hahahah it was super funny cos some girl started hyperventilating cos she got very very VERY excited by something and we couldn't stop laughing. I thought someone got a heart attack/asthma attack behind me AHAHAHAH.

I'm only doing this post to sort my head out because recently there has been so many useless thoughts going through it.
Going on a shutupgrace period because recently I say so much crap that I get annoyed with myself. I feel myself drifting further and further and further away from the times I actually used my brain before speaking.

Really rlyrlyrly need to start doing consistent QT again sigh tiredness sleepiness laziness is never an excuse gracepng.

I have this recent obsession with british boys coughonedirectioncoughnowaycoughicantbelievethiscoughcoughcoughcough and I...... haha.

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