6 August 2012

I will run, I will soar

On eagles' wings
As I wait on you, Lord
my strength is restored.
Fix my eyes on you, Jesus
as I run this race.
Help me fight
this fight of faith.

Depression is in the air and I'm trying all I can not to get infected. My head's been all messed up and I've been feeling a bit shitty at weird parts of the day but I don't even know why most of the time. Been trying to help depressed people to the best of my abilities but sometimes I just can't find the right words to say :( and I feel bad in the end. Then there's this feeling of being unappreciated after helping which just makes me feel blah.

ON THE OTHER HAND life is still very happy except for those few moments of blahness wheeeee.

I love how my classmates don't think straight and how we can't even walk straight most of the time.

So thankful for my class and school and friends and... everything, really.

Promos are nearer than ever (duh) but I don't even feel it yet. Maybe I've been focusing too much on other things that STILL seem more important to me hahaha.

Need more excitement in my life HAHAHA. National day youth fellowship on Wednesday!!! Super excites wheeeeeeeeeeee. TOMORROW IS ALSO THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR THIS WEEK HALLELUJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Okay, today, actually, since it's 0333 and I don't really know what I'm doing blogging at this hour. in about 12 hours I will have no more lessons for the next 6 days and words cannot express how happy I am. WHOOO.

(I just finished my eom so this level of happiness is understandable hehehehee)
ok shall go sleep just so I don't die tomorrow.
OCIP meeting no. 2 tomorrow crooossssssssssssssinnnnnnnnnnnng  myyyyyyyyyy finnnnggggggggerrrrrrrrrssssssssss

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