23 August 2012

fill the darkest with a brilliant light

Supppppaaaaa niceeeeee

Hahaha been youtubing song after song after song shiok lifeeee.
Term 3 is ending in a week's time!! I can't believe it I still remember our orientation days so so so so clearly it's so scary how fast time passes :( and I don't really want to graduate nonononoooooo. It's so funny how I couldn't wait to graduate in secondary school but now... nah.

Lots of exciting things happening recently!! Heeeheee. My wallet is crying and screaming but ahhhhh.

Buddy's flying off very very soon and I'm so sad to see her go :'( but never mind cos she'll be back in three months. What is three months when they past eight felt like one? Hahaha.

Just had our third Laos meeting today and I'm so thankful I'm starting to like everyone more and more :) :) :) Hope the trip will be just as memorable and purposeful and meaningful as our tuao tripssss. Praying hardxxx.

Grace Orchard carnival on Saturday too! Managing one of the games stalls and we'll have chiong everything by tomorrow but I'm sure the smiles on the kids' faces will make everything worth it :') Can't waaaaitttt.

Finished our second last CA term for the year today! Not a very fun one to do but who carreeeesss only one more test for the term :) :) BEFORE PROMOS. HAH.

Sososososo many things to look forward to at the end of the year!
Laos trip and youth camppppppp. Ok I shall place these two at the top of my list (promos still no. 1 ah) for now.

On the darker side I've been feeling blahhhh occasionally for no reason at all. Made a few uh, life-changing decisions but I'm pretty sure they are good decisions HAHA ;) Feeling so much better after today.

23rd August was a good goooood day ^^

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