16 July 2012

Okay I'm feeling normal now (but blogger is not) so I shall talk about my life hahaha.

Last week was probably the most fun/tiring week ever.

Dinner with 6A07 on Tuesday!!! :) :) :) Needed it so badly cos my head's been clouding up so easily recently. Ate at Aston's at Upper Thomson before heading over to eat tauhueeeyyyy. Got a super cute octopus balloon from Debo (you can see a bit of it there ^ haha) and carried it all the way home looking like an idiot. but I like. HAHA. 

Somehow I like late night outings much better than those in the day. Maybe it's cos it just feels better finishing the day on a good note SHRUGS or being able to go to sleep feeling tired but happy. Superexcites for our class teeeee!!!! Then we can all wear it when we go out on class outings again and everyone will be green with envy cos they are not close to their PRIMARY school classmates anymore. Hoho. 

Yanggin's birthday surprise on Wednesday!!! Super crazy and tiring but super fun day. Rushed off to Grace Orchard for oral communications session right after school. Everything didn't go as planned but phew it was still a good session :)  Went back to J8 to do math in the library before meeting everyone at NINE. Surprised her at her house and ate and ate and sang and sang while half-asleep HAHA. Superrrr gooood daaaay. So thankful hehe

Airplane cookies for installation that we took forever to bake on Thursday zzz everyone ended up going home only at around 10 :( and they didn't even taste that nice cos I (haha) messed up the measurements. but it's OVER!! and nobody has complained of food poisoning yet so I think that's a good thing.

Do I need to explain this 

Ice Age with the cousins and dinner at Fat Boys!!! Didn't have much appetite yesterday thanks to the very emotionally torturous Sunday I had but now I really feel like eating the burger again :( One day I will go on a food trail/marathon with all the people I love without worrying about the fats and the money. 

Kkkk so thankful for today and the state that my brain was in woohooo prayers answered ^^ ^^ ^^ Now I just need to concentrate on being happy tomorrow cos Tuesdays suck. 
still confused but feeling so much better than yesterday. 
Just handed in our OCIP forms too!!! Whooooooooooooooop excites hopehoehopehopehope we get in k BYE

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