2 July 2012


I can't believe it's already you, July
Half the year has now passed me by
A moment ago it was New Year's Day
With fresh resolutions to pave my way
~ Gregory Huyette

Tuao2011 reunion on Saturday!!! Happy 21st Birthday Amandaaaaa!!!! (for the third time)
Ate lunch before Amanda arrived and surprised her with her apple crumble before devo and I had to leave. Was so stupid cos I left early thinking there was tuition at 4 but when I reached Marymount I realised Mrs Tan didn't bug me for the (super overdue) fees HAHA so I messaged Chloe and we didn't have tuition -.- 

Hopped over to Serangoon anyway to walk around aimlessly like I always do and meet Chloe after that. Ate sogurt and walked into a million toy shops/kids stores playing with the toys and going crazy over jack sparrow and spongebob lego. (and exclaiming how lucky our kids will be everywhere we go) 

Birthday surprise no. 2 for Amanda!! Had so many things happening on this Sunday I was so confused and ended up following the group of girls like a lost duckling. Went a bit crazy with Tricia and Chenting before my high totally died down (why does this always happen I hate it). Squeezed out to buy my green tea frappe from starbucks which I've been craving since... forever and they were all talking about it and my stomach couldn't do without it any longer (tastebuds too). I don't even know if I'm typing in proper grammar cos I'm listening to music and I can't concentrate at all when IU is blasting into my ears. 

Ate and talked and talked and talked and talked before leaving to meet Cheryl Gladys Sihui Rachel to watch SPIDDDERRRRMAAAANNNNNNN. Watched all of them eat dinner while the green curry refused to digest before heading to the movie theatre. It was... good. HAHA.

Woke up super early again at 7am cos my head was super itchy (i know, i know) and I couldn't sleep any longer and decided to stalk some people which resulted in some early morning childish drama and up till now I cannot believe it??!!!! tschh but I shall leave lah tsk :( Why do you want to make things weird. 

Bathed (of course) and went for chem tuition and for the first time ever Mrs Tan released us early!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE 5 MINUTES EARLY. NOT 10 SECONDS OR 1 MINUTE. 5. MINUTES. Today was filled with miracles. 
Rushed over to cineleisure (AGAIN!!!!) to watch SPIDERRRMAAAANNNN (AGAIN!!!!) with Daryl Kevin Glenn Joseph Judith (I got blackmailed into watching this. >:() and this time I totally fell asleep. Don't ever watch a movie twice in less than 24 hours. At least the ticket was cheaper today hahahaha. 

A million awkward moments later I came home and slacked and am still slacking. Not really, cos the OCD hidden deep deep deep deep inside me unleashed itself and I started packing my stacks and stacks of gross papers just now. I even found MLK's electrolysis from more than a year ago in my stack of JC chem notes I don't know how. 

Reflected on my past 5 days on the way back and I'm so glad I've been spending my breaks fruitfully. Not studying, but definitely more satisfying than that hahah. 
So much has been going on in my heart and head recently so I'm just glad I have someone I can rely and depend on. 

Lord, I offer my life to you, everything I've been though
Use it for Your glory

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