30 July 2012

have Your way in me

Lord I give you my heart
I give you my soul
I live for you alone
Every breath that I take
Every moment I'm awake
Lord have Your way in me

Been so bothered recently because of my own problems, other people's problems and surprisingly homework, which is very very very bad because my aim for this term was to stop worrying and getting annoyed at every little thing :( 

Watched so many things unfold before me this week alone and it's so... overwhelming. Sudden realisations on how people I love have changed so much, on how much of an idiot peer pressure is and how some people are so stubborn yet so vulnerable. Hours and hours of thinking and praying for those suffering around me and yet I still feel like I've been neglecting my own faith this week. 

Constantly reminding myself that I have my own gifts and strengths but I still get discouraged by the smallest things. 

I hate how much you've changed and how I can't do anything to help you get back up on your feet. So insecure it's annoying me but I know I can't just leave when you need me most. Want to pour a bucket of cold water over your head/kick you in the face/do anything that will wake you up and concentrate on the important things instead of all the unimportant things that you are concentrating toooooo much on now. 

Depressing things aside, this week has been a gooooood week too. 

Met up with Tricia on monday and had an extremely therapeutic chat with her. Made me realise some bad things but still therapeutic. 

Thankful for almost getting into honour roll and OCIP!!!! ^^ ^^ ^^ See you in november Laoooosssss. Can't wait to leave everything behind and work my butt off then.


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