29 June 2012


Term exams, at least.

I was SOOO happy at 0955 on Thursday I would do anything to feel that little rainbow of joy exploding in me every 30 seconds again. I know lots of people who felt sad after the test because the paper was difficult but.... well I guess Anderson has trained me to get over it and get on with my life because it happens like, every test. As Gladys always says, 明天的事,明天才想

Skipped out of school with the classmates and headed to J8 for lunch/movieee!!! 

Ate at the kopitiam with Hannah Srija Wingyin but Wingyin had to leave cos she still had her art exam the next day (whoops) so only Hannah Srija and I watched MAAADAGASCAR. Which was good. My type of show. In other words, brainless show but WHEEEEE.


Left for the library after that cos both of them went home to get their muchcoughneededcough sleep and walked around finding nice books to read. Picked out five and only borrowed one. Not sure if it's because the books weren't interesting or I was just too sleepy to find ANY book interesting. 

Met this nice (or creepy, you decide) old lady who passed me this Charles Dickens book and told me to read it cos she read it a long time ago and really liked it. I thought it was cute hahahahaha totally wanted to sit down with her and talk about her life and the books she read when she was young but... obviously I didn't do that. The way she approached me was quite scary though. I was just browsing and I could feel her EYES.ON.ME but I didn't do anything and only after like 5 minutes she talked. Didn't borrow the book in the end though I did take it from her because.... it's Charles Dickens. I don't.... get..... Charles Dickens. When I read Charles Dickens books I feel like I'm reading some siao cheeminology and it makes me want to sleep. I suck, don't I. I think his stories just don't interest me. Or... I could come up with another 10 excuses why but I shall not.

CHARLES DICKENS ASIDE (darles chickens carles dichens dharles cickens) hopped on the train to Holland V cos I couldn't stand the sight of bishan anymore and went to starbucks and sat at a table with an empty cup (that's grace for you woohoo) and read my book before taking out my phone so I can instagram a picture of my book together with the empty cup, which was, not mine. Photo uhm, purposes.

Talked and talked about everything under the sun and the people in our lives (does this sound weird) which got me thinking about so many other things and people...

which I cannot talk about here. HAHAHA.


Tuao 2011 reunion tomorrow............. ah.
Decided this week not to go for mission trip at the end of this year and going next year is just... out of the question because I have A's.
Wonder when I'll ever see them again :'(

Random random thoughts I've been having.
If you've been spending time with me you would've realised that all I ever think about now in my free time is what our lives will be like in the future. Maybe it's cos I've been watching too many of my dramas (HAHA) or whatever but...... what will our lives be like ten years from now? What will I be doing exactly ten years from now? On this day and at this time. What are people who I'm going to be close to ten years from now doing at this very minute? What is the person I'm going to marry doing now? Who will still be here, ten years from now? What will I be like ten years from now? What will all my friends be like? Who are the people I will be close to, who I'm not close to or don't even know now?

Not worrying, not anticipating (ok, a bit). Just wondering. and wondering and wondering and wondering and wondering.
For some unknown reason. SIAO.

kk bye HAHA

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