17 June 2012


Hello hello I'm back from my three week holiday around the world :)

I know I always promise myself I will do a full detailed post on my trips when I come back but it never happens and.... it's not gonna happen this time either. Heeeeheeeeeeee.

Took a 10/11/12/13 (I cannot remember)-day trip to Italy and a bit of Germany with the family and it was sooooooo niceeee. Hopped from Rome to Florence to Venice and finally Munich. Saw many many many buildings and paintings which started to look the same starting from the day we went to the Vatican City. Munich was a relieving change even though I fell in love with Venice and swore to myself I will live there someday. and marry a gondolier. HAHA. ok back to the point. Went on a bike tour which I enjoyed very very much though my butt hurt up till two days after we came back.

Wasted two days in Singapore trying to recover from the jetlag and going to the dentist blahblah before going for the best best church camp I have attended since.... forever.

So many emotions running through my head and heart during camp and I can't be more thankful for them. Thankful for my group(s), for the room devotions, amazing race, worship sessions, sermons, souptalk in my room with kevin and daryl, hthts with gladys and tricia along the corridor in the middle of the night, smiling to everyone and having them smile back and just simply being able to be in the same place with so many people I love for three whole days :')

Can't wait for youth camp and next year's church camp and the many many camps to come :)

Till the day I die. BYEBYE!!!

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