19 June 2012

be at the gate and don't be late

"How will I find you when I get ta heaven?"
"I'll be in the Italian restaurant at the all-you-can-eat buffet."
"Mommy. I'm sewious."
"Oh, honey, you won't have to worry about that. Jesus will show you where I am."
"How does God put people in hell? Does he drop 'em in?"
"Well, no. It's kind of hard to explain but you don't need to worry because you're going to heaven."
"Does God have a list of who's goin' ta heaven?"
"Yes, as a matter of fact he does."
"What if yaw on da list and do a bad thing?"
"If you are really sorry for your sin, God can see into your heart and he will forgive you. The thief on the cross didn't act very nice and he did a lot of bad things, but he is in heaven because he was very, very sorry and he believed in Jesus."
"Do we have ta brush teeth in heaven?"
"No, we'll all have dentures that don't wear out."

"Do we have ta take showuhs?"
"Nope. Everybody there smells good forever."
"I'm gonna like heaven. Just make shaw yaw right there when I get there."
She poked her tiny pointer finger close to my nose and said with rhythm, authority, and a semi-threatening tone, "Be at da gate and don't be late! You got it?"

- How Will I Find You When I Get to Heaven? (Ellie Lofaro)

When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be
When we all see Jesus, we'll sing and shout the victoryyyyy~~~!!

Been spending lots and lots of time with mah buddy who will be flying off on 2nd September to Ireland :( :( and I promised her I will cry buckets and buckets when she leaves.

Once my buddy forever my buddy whoopaaaa

Studied at bishan library yesterday after lunch at mos burger with yanglz and Rachel and got an extremely rude and vulgar note from someone cos they choped the seats at the library :( Library got too cold for Rachel so we went down to Yoshinoya and had dinner and Gladeepoo came to join us!!! whoopwhoop. I konked out right after dinner cos my ears went crazy and blocked themselves and created a massive headache and woke up at about 8. Went for Marbleslab after that and sat at the rooftop for htht with Y&R :)

Plan to wake up early to go exercise failed miserable again this morning and woke up at 11. Aka just in time for me to meet buddy again at church to studyyyy. siaozhabor hasn't even started school and is already studying for exams. All ready for life as a smartomedstudent hahaha. 

Had the most disgusting/embarrassing/eventful journey on the way to church. Bought my lunch at the coffeeshop opposite the house and I had this major soup craving so that's exactly what I got which proved to be the stupidest decision I have ever made in my life. Got on the bus and all was well but then it HAD to jerk halfway and my soup flowwwwwed down the narrow aisle in the bus like a waterfall. Luckily they didn't fine me phew. But my soup :( :( and alllll the way to the mrt station I was just comforting myself thinking a) nothing got onto my clothes b) I wasn't wearing shoes (cos everything spilled onto my slippers ) c) nobody saw HAHAHA.

ANYWAY, got to church a starving sad girl and the studying commenced. I feel like I didn't do anything do har har. but nvm at least I bonded with my buddy eh. HEEHEE.

Rest day tomorrow (just means I'm not going out), GP lesson/mock test on Thursday + study session with the careteam and meeting my ggguiiiiidddeeeesssiiieeessss on Friday ^^ ^^ ^^

June hols are coming to an end and these few days have been depressing (like, not in a bad way. just saddening cos I really really miss Italy and camp :(). Before I left church today I was like "Man, I don't wanna leave." and then I realised I've said that way too many times this month. and then when I'm school I'm all "WOOOOOOOOOOLOLOLLLALALALAAAAAAAAAA I'M GOING HOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMEEEEE" once the bell rings. bad.

Kkk cudding the cat so I'm gonna... tuck her into bed. Ha


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