25 June 2012


Sang this during 6pm service yesterday and it's been stuck in my head ever since hahaha

Have a chem test (almost typed econs cos evvvveryone on twitter is talking about econs hahahaha) tomorrow afternoon but I'm here (not sure if it's cos I'm confident or I just don't care anymore)!! Had GP and math today. GP was okay but ohhhhohoho math was terrible. School ended with everyone just a step closer to SSP.

Came home and ate. And slept. Till 9. For 5 hours.


How I spent my last week of holidays :) Studying with the careteam/buddygladysrachel. 
Though I'm sad my June holidays flew by so quickly I'm glad it was such a meaningful and fruitful one weehaaaaa. Started off with youth fellowship on the last day of school, AMAAAAZING italy/munich after that, followed by church camp which I cannot stop talking about and finally catching up with all my friends while preparing for terms at the same time which made studying so much more enjoyable and idk.... less like an obligation HAHAHA

Went back to Anderson on Friday to see the guides!! Met Aisyah on the bus on the way and we got so occupied thinking of how I was going to sneak into school wearing my bright red collegiate and ended up missing our stop -.-
Met Jacelyn after and had fried chicken. FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAH the feeling when you bite into the crispy skin and all the oil oozes out and covers every surface of your mouth. Had a good time talking about Jacelyn's extremely dramatic love life and... I can't remember. It's so funny how after spending two years with people you thought you never really knew, you gradually become more comfortable around them anyway. 

Lunch at RCC with the family after bible class and before going back to church to study and 6pm service. Promised myself I would spend my Sunday in the best way possible and that's exactly what I did wahaaaa.

All in all I really really really enjoyed my 25/05-24/06 and 
I would kill to experience it all over again. TEEHEE. (ok maybe not kill)

Kk abrupt ending bye

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