11 May 2012

"Matilda was left alone;that was how she liked it."


Wish I could say life is great and everything is going smoothly and I am completely relaxed but nope. Ok I'm not stressed over school work but I keep thinking of non-existent bullshit. 
So so so so many people around me falling into depression (exaggeration) and this depression is CONTAGIOUS i tell you. 

Made so many resolutions this month alone although I know I know I c a n n o t keep to them :( 
Life has been extremely tiring for no reason since my CCA is.... non-existent. Tests have been oookay. Can't say my results have been good though :( Expectations, expectations :-(

I have so much more to say but I can't do it here tsk. 

I won't let you down. 
Not after you entrusted me with this...... task. 

PRESS ON FRIENDS. Even miracles take a little time.

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