7 March 2012


Just back to organise the million thoughts running through my head.

but before I rant I shall talk about school! and how incredibly dry and boring it is.

broccoli cheese soup @ quiznos with gladeedee!!! :) this soup reminds me of sooo many things. pinkclouds, tuao, souptalk, hthts :') it will be my favourite soup forever and always (sorry cheesiness from this morning not gone yet). 

Studied for a while before going to the foodcourt to eat. Super love hanging out with her doing everything and anything and nothing. Actually met her on saturday evening too but it wasn't a very enjoyable evening.... for certain reasons ahahaha coughcough.

How do I even explain this picture. Random picture of the cool wall on Monday when the temperature was like 23degreescelcius. IT WAS A GOOD DAY. because I got wifi at the voiddeck which doesn't happen usually. but all the hwachong people had half day and I was jelly :( 

BROCCOLI MAC&CHEESE AT SOUP SPOON ON MONDAY! but nothing can beat quiznos yah. Went over to fusionopolis for lunch tgt with 1/3 before heading home woohoo.

Crazy homework-copying session on the floor of the void deck on Tuesday. TSK TSK TSK FRIENDS.

The cat.

and yah I realised I have lost all ability to blog. I feel so weird and awkward typing here. HAHAHA.
OH speaking of typing!!
I got my new notebook yesterday! It's so evil cos since I came home all I've done is watch 3 episodes of Dream High 2 (which is still quite boring) which is something I can NEVER do on my previous computer. WEEHEE.

Been playing Draw Something to pass time but that TOO is getting boring. I'm so terrible right. Everything is boring :(

OTOH I'm catching up on QT!!! (Y)(Y) Sudden resolution on Sunday to be holygalz with Gladys hohoho.

Leaving for CHINA next wednesday! First time ever I'm stepping into PRCland. O:
I hope the people aren't too bad cough.

OH let me talk about what a bad day I had yesterday.
Wore my new sports shoes to school for PE and by the time I reached school I already had a blister. Put a plaster over it thinking it'll be okay but it dropped out while we were running and it just bled all over my socks :( Put another plaster which dropped out TOO. So after PE we were running late for chem lecture so we were the last ones to enter the LT. Plaster then decided that that was the best time to detach itself from my skin and I had to bend down to pick up a gross piece of plaster from the ground in front of the hundreds of other people. Continued my journey up the LT steps after that and 


In front of the whole LT while walking UP the stairs!!!!!!! joke of the day cos I tripped UP the stairs. WHERE DID MY FACE GO. 
Anyway following that lecture I gave up on asking people for plasters so I just left it. Ended up limping my way round the school :( :( Limped my way to tuition too and survived with the thing until 9pm when brother came to pick me up. Now I'm aching like crazy thanks to the limping and running AND I can't bend my right ankle properly thanks to the huge burst blister like thing there. boohoooo.

LONG LONG DAY TOMORROW D: with 1h20mins of PE. but me is not wearing those sports shoes tmr. I think I will chop my foot off if I do. 
On the bright side my group finished our PW presentation!! wahooooo super hate presentations so I'm over the moon cos we're done. ^^


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