26 February 2012


Sorry I disappeared from this space since the longest time ever!! Phone didn't rotate my pictures and my internet is being evil tonight so I will plop random photos from tumblr here to make up for the lack of pictures heheh.

This is going to be so boring unless you are a stalker and want to know every single detail of my life in the past two weeks.

Went to IKEA to eat dindinz with sister and ant on vday!! Sorry I have zero love life so no juicy story. Super love ikea meatballs I'm willing to eat them everyday for breakfast lunch dinner supper teatime brunch linner dupper. Bought a kids towel to show off during swim pe. IT HAS A HOOD!! and a parrot/monkey/parkey/monkrot. 

Can't remember what happened the rest of the week. eh....... 

I shall not talk about what happened on monday oops. I did something very very bad :(

TUESDAY. First day of school with my class!! Thankful I got placed in to SC8 cos it's not full of nerds and muggers (quite the opposite actually). Tuesdays are long long days (while Thursday are long long long long days. I'll get to that). Met most of my teachers and I THINK I like most of them!! Ah well my grades are not based on my teachers alone. If someone sucks I just have to study harder :) Went for first CCA meeting too and to be honest wasn't very impressed but school is not just about CCA hehhehehehhhhhhhh. 
Anyways Tuesdays are long long days cos we end at 1550 which is really late for me :( HAHAHA. and I'm starting math tuition this week too so that makes Tuesdays even longer than Thursdays!! :( :(

Same old lectures and tutorials on Wednesday again but we were supposed to have xcountry. Was allowed to leave class early cos I signed up for competitive (HEHHEH). Bussed over to a bus stop that was supposedly near west coast park with Kaya and Wingyin and ended up walking a super long distance to ANOTHER bus stop and cabbing over to west coast park.
and by the time we got there it was POURING. 
Dominated macs with another several hundred ACJppl cos we couldn't get shelter anywhere else and the tent was wayyy across the park. In the end the run was cancelled so.... .we have to run on thursday!!!!! >:( >:(

School ended at 1630 on Thursday. I think that's enough to explain why Thursdays are long long long long long days :(

and woohoo Friday!!!! Went back to Anderson after school with yiling the vj odac person who ran two rounds for xcountry and 10km in pulau ubin and gained some swag during her three weeks in vj. she so gangsta now. 
Had some problems getting into the school cos dearest principal did something to the school rules and we're not allowed to enter anymore. -___- but half-lied about going in to collect testimonial and stayed there for the next three hours lepaking around. 
Met other VJ/HC people too!! weeheeee. can't wait to go back for teachers day or speech day or whatever and see all the sec4'11 people!! ^^

Careteam/Chem tuition on Saturday. I had chem tuition on Friday night and there's one tomorrow night too!!  Siao seriously this is chemistry overload but all my fault lah cos I keep ponning.

Quite funny.
I was sleeping on the sofa when I got a call from sister telling me we got free tix to SS4 and screamed for 30 seconds straight while running up to mummy's room to make the grand announcement. 
Anyway haha. 

I think I will just love Super Junior for the rest of my life lah. After all they are my first loves and they are the reason I got to know U-KISS and whoever else cos without them I might not even know kpop heh. They performed arnd 5 old songs!! Sister and I only high-ed during those songs cos being the greatest fan in the world I didn't even know their new songs HAHA. I'm so shameless.

Trying desperately to download Mr Simple album on this laopok computer but it doesn't seem to be working walaos :( :(
I love ryeowook and henry. so kyutes. 
I think I need to rewatch EHB.

School tomorrow and I'm still up. but at least i don't have to worry about cough wakinguplate cough.
Shall leave the computer so it can download my album in peace. Plsplsplsplsplspslpslpls i'm so sick of the songs in my phone already hahaha.


Ran 6km with the bro just now and I'm totally unfit after not exercising for 2weeks. 

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