1 February 2012


Super ultra thankful for everything that has happened in the past two days. Hours and hours of worrying turned out to be for nothing (fortunately). So....

Where I spent my last two days which resulted in a mouth full of ulcers. Super super grateful thankful relieved happy lucky blessed for my OGLs and OGmates. Was sosososo scared on the first day I was totally shivering when I walked into the school ;_; 

Spent the last two days attending briefings/lectures followed by MASS DANCE (can't dance for all the nuts in the world), games and mass rallies woohoo. It's too soon to say I love the school (cos love is a strong word. I sound gay anot) but I LIKE it. I'm so tired now I don't even want to think before I type.

Anyways this is one of the times I feel that God is reallyreally working in my life and I feel so blessed :') Prayers answered, promises kept. Nothing more reassuring than God's own words wahoohoo!!

Another full tiring day tomorrow and then dinner with OG! Possibly. 

Orientation has been making me miss guides (surprise, surprise) cos it's sososo similar to our campfire!! It's going to be worse on Friday when ac has their campfire but must THINK POSITIVE!! Friends come and go physically but they will never leave my heart. I am especially cheesy today omnomnom. 

Ok gotta rest for tomorrow. I'm 3/4 asleep already. 

Hope you all are enjoying your schools!!! but if you aren't don't worry :) You'll adapt soon. God always has a plan!! LUVYALUVYALUVYA.

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