4 February 2012

do that thing you do

So we have reached the end of orientation! Waving hello to endless lectures and tutorials for the next two years. Excited but not too excited  to start studying again!!!

Ended orientation with campfire which also ended off with jumping around an unlit hall waving lightsticks around for half an hour or so. Probably the most tiring thing I've done in my life but woohooo what's fatigue when you're having fun. HAHAHAHA.

Still suffering from mild culture shock (surprisingly not from the j2s but my fellow j1s...) but meh I'll get over it. I will.

After yesterday I'm more determined than ever never to succumb to temptation to go clubbing etcetc. Not even gonna step into a single one even if all my friends do.

Brief summary of what we did yesterday!! House meeting (kinda) in the morning after assembly and got allocated to my house! >half of my og is in the same house so yayayyyyy. Played 5 games after that which is an amazing achievement considering we only played 2 games each in the past two days in the same amount of time. Only got a little bit wet though hahahaha. Went to eat after that but halfway through we had to go for mass rally/dance so me and kaya (DEB'S FRIEND) drank our pratas and rushed off to the bleachers feeling fuller than ever. Randomly danced around during couple dance cos till now I still don't know how to do it HAHAHA.
5 HOUR OG TIME after that!!
Played captain's ball and soccer (GRACE PLAYED SOCCER)(write it down) and a teeny bit of frisbee before heading over to holland v for dinner/random ice cream eating. The rest ate main courses while me and kaya shared a banana crumble while keeping ourselves entertained with the scenario game all of us have a love-hate relationship with.
Rushed back to school after that for campfire!!

Woke up this morning to four ulcers in a row at REGULAR INTERVALS ok. + they all look different!! Very shenqi but painful like siao. Can't even eat properly :( :(

Going out with steffy tmr to study (haha) and a bit of shopppppiing!!
woohoo k bye bye


I know all of you jelly.

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