15 January 2012

You're my kryptonite


Heheh current favourite song woohoo ^^
First time I'm liking a group that actually sings english songs but after what aisyah told me.... :( :( How come there's always a problem with the groups I like :(

Anyways eventful weekend!! 

Had 6A bbq on friday ^^ Jolene came over first whoooo haven't seen her since like, sec 1. Was cooking my shepherd's pie (which everyone loved, PHEW. hehe) when the rest turned up. 

They went straight to the sofa and collapsed before switching the channel to watch Tom&Jerry while the rest went over to the pit to set up everything and then claudiekoh came in and scolded them and ordered them to go buy ice. hahaha.

Talked and talked and talked and laughed my heart out for the next 4-5 hours. Deborah came!!! HAVEN'T SEEN HER FOREVER TOO. Was kinda worried that it would be awkward after so many years but no! It' s so weird how the both of us laugh at the lamest and unfunny things. Our knock knock jokes will never go out of style (Y) Too bad she's going to RI :( Smarties.
Laughed till I felt like puking my guts out but they make me so happy :')

Woke up at 7 just to go for CCA open house on Saturday morning. Finally met up properly again with all my guiiiiiddeeess whooo. Talked and laughed (AGAIN) all the way from 8am to 1pm when we went to eat at the bubble tea shop!! Missed it so much hah.

Talked to a few of my teachers too, who apparently "expected better" for my results :(
Sigh, me too, me too. but I'm over it LALALALALALA. Results don't make the world go round. and I LOVE MS MOK.
When I saw her she gave me the WIDEST SMILE EVER and patted my cheek and asked me "how?". I was in shock hahaha she's so unbelievably nice omg. ♥ Best chem teacher ever.

With stepppphhhhh! My fellow shopping and seafood fried rice buddy :) 

Rushed home to get changed and go out again to support Chermaine for her dance concert!! Contemp dance is so.... DEEP. but I'm SO PROUD of her she dances so incredibly well! Especially since she only started dancing in sec 1!! 

(Yeah I notice I'm extremely short :( and in desperate need of a haircut. Call me shaggy woof woof)

Trudged (yeah, trudged) over to Old Airport Road hawker centre and ate the famous Char Kway Teow with Evelyn and Joeycheng!! Wooohooo I love food. Bought some famous lao ban tauhuay and omgggzzz itzzz izzz soooo gooooodddzzzz. hahahaha.

"Good food must take picture" 

and today!!
Went to church as usual but was super sleepy and hungry during service I almost died. Plus I couldn't sing properly cos of the massive amount of laughing and screaming in the past two days :( 

Facilitating for youth one was better than expected though! Thank God. I was (and still am, actually) scared that I wouldn't be able to set a good example and blahblahblah. 

Whooshed to suntec with Gladys to buy her new phone but they were already out of stock :( Embarrassed ourselves like crazy in the train (as usual)(every moment in public with gladys will be embarrassing). Ended up walking around saying hi to all my 320493 friends working there haha. Headed to prata shop for GLADYS' careteam after that. I love pwata nomnom.

K that's all bye! I'm thinking I'm less scared of going to a new school now after what we talked in church today phew. 


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