3 January 2012

You can count on me


"It's okay to visit Memory Lane, just don't live there."

This pretty much summarises what I've learnt in the past few days of meeting up with the people in my life, countless souptalks, and clearing my extremely congested mind and now i'm SO HAAAPPPIIIIEEEEE ^^

I feel so incredibly blessed and contented and... happy (sorry limited vocabulary again). 

Got back home from TUAO 2010 reunion/sleepover about 5 hours ago!! 

Met up with the people watching Sherlock Holmes (I fell asleep. End of review) and ate lunch at the Kopitiam (been to like 2349084 coffeeshops/hawker centres/kopitiams in the past week)  before heading to the cinema where I freezed to death and had a very nice nap.

Trained over to Joseph's house and souptalked before dinner and singing/devo (by John!). Played boggle/taboo/searched for Wii controllers to play Mario Kart but to no avail :( 
Stayed up till arnd 530 in the morning with Kevin and Daryl talking and laughing at the MOST RANDOM things ever. In the end Daryl and I KO-ed and left Kevin to watch soccer by himself. Not that I would have joined him. Soccer......

Woke up at 930 and everyone was up except for the host HAHA. Ate breakfast when the host finally woke up and soup/randomtalked until 2 and left hhahaa.

I looooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee our 2010 team sosososo much :) and 6A too. Sigh so blessed right. 

Anyway new year resolutions!!
To make this year the best year out of my 16 (soon 17) years of life and to the bestest friend to all my friends :) 

Goodnight ^^

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