6 January 2012

Walking down heaven's road

In a supergood mood so I decided I should at least upload a few pictures ^^

Just came back from youth singing fellowship!! Met mah buddy before heading over to chenyi's place and sang till I died but I had a super time anywayyyy.
Ate chicken rice for dinner and set my mouth on fire by acting pro and pouring alllll the chilli onto my chicken. Sang some more and learnt a few more songs before going over to Holland V for "supper"!

Was going to lepak at Swensen's but they had no more space :( hhaahahah I was waiting in Swensen's for tables when the boys started discussing toiletbowls and having good aiming and cleaning up your mess when you're done.
I got a barrooooon too!!! ^^ I love balloons. Balloons can make my saddest day ^^v

Meet yerrow yerrow dirty ferrow HAHAHHAA.

Walked over to cold stone when the others found the place and sat down to talk!! Talked till it was almost midnight and got a lift home from Joseph :) Heheh shameless forever getting lifts home.

ANYWAYYYY random pictures!!

Kevin and Drunk Daryl on the night of sleepover hahahaa. This was right before Daryl konked out, rolled off the sofa and onto the floor (and the dog)

Sorraye LQ photos :( I didn't save the originalll. ULTIMATE PIG DAY with sister after I saw a picture of pizza on tumblr and had a major craving for it heheheeeeeee.

Yesterday when I cooked shepherd's pie for dinner for the famz. I'm totally a born chef HAHA. Ignore the prawns. Mummy was trying to finish all the food in the fridge hahaha.

Pabourite animal in the wooorld :)

Okay so.

Results in 2 days!!!! I AM SO..... IDK. I have no idea what to expect :(
Gonna confide in my imaginary friend now. 


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