26 January 2012


Summer - Joe Hisaishi

Been listening to this non-stop since I found it yesterday and I'm still not sick of it!! ♥♥♥ Was spamming Joe Hisaishi's pieces on my phone (due to lack of computer) last night which resulted in me sleeping at 3am and waking up at 7am this morning a very grumpy girl.

i couldn't post here cos my computer was in the office over the long weekend :( and now I have lots and lots and lots to post about wheeeee.

Starting from last Thursday!

Got dragged out by the brother to go to Peninsula Plaza with Germaine and her friend to get their bass guitar which I am completely not interested in. We were too late and everything was closed so I (who else hehe) suggested we go and eat supper and hence we ended up in chompchomp. Brother met his friend too so it was just him and his friend, Germaine and her friend, and me and... my food ^~^

Strawberry tauhuay (!!!), sugarcane juice, oyster omelette (!!!!!!!!), bbq chickywings (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Went back home guitarless but with an extremely happy stomach ^^

Day after that was Friday!!! Another one of my Best Day Evers.
Went to work early early early (like, 0730) and worked without Rachel nonstop till around 130pm to meet Gladys to shopppp!!
Felt so happy surrounded by all the aitong kids at the bus stop laughing at Ms Angeline Tan trying to get them to get up the bus orderly. Nolstagia.... but the new principal made so many changes to the uniform!! I guess every new principal does that lah.

Walked around far east for a while and bought my new year clothes (I wasn't actually shopping for new year clothes but I ended up wearing what I bought for cny so yeah... bought my new year clothes) and two green belts. Bought the first one for $5 and saw another one selling at $3 and I HAD to get it. #logichuh

The only picture I took with the Gladys.

This is a picture of a picture that I just (like 3 minutes ago) took in order to make this space more interesting before even I stop reading it (my VERY OWN blog is one of my "top ten most visited websites". sad, I know :'()

Departed from mah galfwen and zoomed over to J8 to meet the 6A07!!!!!! ^^
I know you must be extremely sick of reading about them and how they are like the only people I ever met in the past two months but... yeayeayeah.

Ah yeah, cos a cup of water is such an uncommon sight. hmm?

Our (me, cher, evelyn, joey) turkey bacon pizza (or something) with CHEESYCRUSSSSTTTTTT ♥♥♥

(Sorry I know the effects for the food pictures a belly different compared to the rest bahaha) 

Took a group photo at Pizza Hut before the teachers left! Ms Tan, Ms Tan (DOUBLE TAN) and Mrs Khoo came for this gathering!! First time seeing 2/3 of them since we graduated from aitong and they haven't changed. a. bit. Didn't manage to catch Mrs Khoo cos I was late though :( and didn't get to talk to them much cos 1. there were too many people. 2. It's not like I could ever talk to them comfortably anyway.... heheh to me they're still scary teachers. 

quote chermaine:

朋友一生一起走!!! ♥

Went up to OUR (hahahaahaha) "rooftop" and talked, played indian poker with levels, took more more pictures like we always do before heading home at around 10+pm. wheee.

This has been a SUPER long post and I'm getting lazy. So CNY pics!!! Wahoo.

The cutest and sweetest 三兄弟s ever!!!! 

cousins woohoo ♥♥

 Went over to mama's place on chuyi (as usual) and spent the whole day there (as usual). Watched half of Johnny English on the computer and went to watch Journey 2: The Mysterious Island after that!! I THOUGHT IT WAS A SUPER GOOD MOVIE but other people fell asleep :( I even got whacked when I said I liked it hahahahahaha. Grace has great taste yeah.

Went to bashu's house aka the lion dance house on chu er and... watched lion dance. Standing <1m away from the lions/dancers was a TRAUMATISING experience. Emerged smelling like oranges cos they kept throwing the oranges/orange peel at me!!

Squished in a car and went over to Northpoint to watch We Not Naughty after that! Super good once again. Must be making up for Sherlock Holmes eh.
Laughed like crazy/cried like a baby watching the show (as I do in like every single on of Jack Neo's movies. ahem)(or every movie, actually) and felt so happy seeing Joshua Ang and Shawn Lee on big screen again :') Felt like a proud mother watching them (though they are eh... 5/6 years older than me).

MUST WATCH!!! heheh

Was a bit disgusted when Amos Yee appeared and I actually feel like cropping him out of the poster now but I'm too lazy and kind to but every other part was good. 

Anyway my life now consists of work, work, the piano, the cat, the computer, sleep, and food.

Random pictures dundundundun


My entertainment in the past few days without a computer :) I do much more productive things when there's no computer in front of me but I still love this bebeh I'm currently typing on. Watched Spirited Away two days ago and I can watch it a million times more :') It was what triggered my sudden piano playing in case you were wondering. One of the OSTs are by Joe Hisaishi! which is how I found out about him. woots.

Watched 3 eps of God of Study last night in brother's room and cried an ocean. I LOVE THIS SHOW AND YOO SEUNGHO SO MUCH DDDDDD': hahaha k.

Schools's starting in a few days and I can't believe my three months of holiday flew by so fast!! Tuao -> Europe -> Countless meetings with 6A -> Results -> NOW. 
Outing with 4/3'11 on Monday!! Excited but not so excited at the same time cos I kind of don't like Marina barrage but nah I'm not gonna complain. What's a lousy location when you're with your friends, right? :) 

Seems like the whole world (aka people I follow on twitter) is emoing. Everything happens for a reason and everybody who's in your life is in it for a reason too, esp your parents (to the countless no. of people complaining about their parents on facebook and twitter)(doesn't even do anything besides letting other people know you have zero respect for your own fumu). 

If you wanna emo do it with style like.... type in Korean like sister does or check in to Emoland on facebook/twitter.... or take a picture! eat chocolates, cry or pray. prayer is powerful and i am so incoherent right now.


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