13 January 2012

'cos even the stars, they burn

Didn't feel like posting but I just came back from the most fruitful HTHT with Rachel at J8 and I just felt the need to post hahaha.

Results in < 24 hours! Nervous but not freaking out because what's done's done and God has a plan for everything :) I've shortlisted some JCs depending on what I get but I'll only be sure after attending all the open houses lah. 
Ok it's been five days since results were released but I couldn't bear to post what I typed above cos I feel like it's a post wasted. HAHA.

Met Aisyah (WOOOHOOOOOOOOO AFTER THE LONGEST TIME EVER) for breakfast at macs on doomsday before heading to school! Talked and started shaking with fear halfway through while we were talking about results brrr. Her class guys came to join us after a while and we had a mini celebration/heart attack when someone said Anderson's EMath MSG was 1.0. Turned out it was only 4/1 -_- chey. 

Hall looking scarier than ever

Was quite disappointed when I received the dreaded slip of paper but didn't shed a tear cos I told myself I'm going to be thankful no matter what. Mulled over it on the way home but when I stepped out of the bus I felt happy again ^^ (sorry gay moments) 

Visited SA/AJ/AC's openhouses the day before yesterday with Kaien, Serina and Bella who are all not going to the same school as me :( Unless I get into NY, which is like, my fourth choice.

Just submitted my JAE and I'm EXTREMELY (like, extreme) scared about going to a new school. I wonder where I got the courage to step into Anderson in the middle of the year with hardly any friends D: boohooooo. I shall not reveal my school choices till I know my posting results heheh. For now I'll just try not to think about it and pray pray pray pray pray pray. 

Heard so many things about how people grow up in JC and turn into party animals and all BUT SO IRONIC RIGHT WHY ESPECIALLY AC AND SA? HUH. 

ok enough of my siao JC ramblings.

Met up with my buddy and cheryl after schoolhopping for dinner at Holland Village! I live like a whole universe away but that was my THIRD time there in < 10 days. Ate at Everything With Fries but no pictures cos I was famished and ingested everything within 2 seconds of the plate landing on the table. So grateful for friends like them who I can tell everything to woohoo (and gladys foo)(whose name appears on every single post, I'm quite sure)(If one day I become famous she's gonna be famous too)(who am I kidding?).

Funniest train ride home with buddy listening to her talk nonstop about STUFF hahahahahaha. I still laugh when I think about it. I think she was drunk on fatigue and dread of going to work the next day ahahaha.

SPEAKING OF WORK, I'm gonna start work again next week :(
but no more packing so yayayayay.

k bye
gotta go shopnsave to buy stuff for BBQ with 6A LATER OHYEAH.

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