26 December 2011

whatcha sayyyy

Been blog hopping for the past few hours after my satisfying $2.50 carrot cake dinner for the first time (I think) this year. Being back in SG feels so... idk, surreal.

So I decided since I am my most avid reader (no doubt)(at all)(pfft) I'm going to type an EXTREMELY lengthy post about the past one month (and snippets of the past year) I spent not in singapore. Without pictures. ^^

Soooooo.... TUAO.

Let's just start with the sleepover I don't remember blogging about, but if I have you can just read everything again. I'm actually too lazy to check if I have. Mm.
Met up with the team + Baguio team in the morning (I arrived early!! Surprise, surprise) and shuttle bus-ed over to NSRCC. Nothing much, actually. Practised our songs by the sea before it started raining and we had to go to our chalets which were surprisingly very nice (nice. this is how limited my vocabulary is. NICE), lepak-ed (new favourite word. and activity) around for awhile before going over our skits, eating dinner and presenting our songs and skits to the parents. This is gettting boring.

Went back to our own chalet where Shawn devo-ed and washed our feet, washed up and then back to the 'living room' to watch MTV/Toy Story/Paranormal activity. (I'm actually very tempted to upload some pictures but... nahhhh. Laziness > everything else). Had a very detailed discussion about meeting a ghost in the toilet in the middle of the night which eventually went nowhere.

Woke up the next morning to my very pleasant and soothing alarm which earned a very loud "Shhhhhh!!!!!" from the boys downstairs, breakky and then home.

*out of point and totally unrelated to tuao
Rushed home to put my bags down and get changed before rushing out to school again to ATTEMPT to get the school jacket. Ended up walking round the school searching for a certain Mrs. Something (I forgot. heheh. Kumar or something) I never knew existed. Got frustrated and sweaty and smelly and was supposed to meet half of pinkclouds to go cut hair so I just left empty-handed :(

Anyway the next few hours were spent walking around grumpily because of something I am simply too lazy to talk about. HAHA. (Reading this post must be such a pain)

so back to tuao!!!

Stopped by at ahma's house before rushing off to the airport! As usual, last one there. Mingled around with the people sending us off and the people going with us before singing a song (yeah in front of the rest of the world in the airport) and.. yeah going to tuao.

I am NOT going to describe every single tiny detail of the 12 days spent there (though I seem to be heading in that direction) so I'm just gonna write whatever hit me most or changed my life or actually, whatever comes to my mind.

I wasn't the most excited to go to Tuao this year because of uhm... personal reasons I am too embarrassed to say here. Part of it was because my close friends were  all going to Baguio and I wasn't close to anyone in the Tuao team at all, but I'm glad over the 12 days I have managed to establish strong (hopefully) friendships with some people. Every cell in my body wishes so hard that these bonds will never break but the future seems dark (heh) because of some lousy brains and malfunctioning mouths that can't seem to close.

Aside from the team itself I'm so glad the kids remember me!! My fan club has been completely destroyed thanks to a certain 14-year-old kid magnet (who is actually not very far from being a kid himself) but that's okay because... yeah it's just ok.

Broke tradition completely and didn't go padi planting OR the mountain hike. Went to callao caves where I was totally rolling in the mud like the pig I am. Was actually looking forward to the rice planting but aww God has his own plan, eh.

(This post is becoming incredibly disorganised. Should I put it in point form or something. ah nvm)

Will never forget our precious souptalks (or htht, as some people call it)(I actually never knew what a htht was. I mean, of course I know what it stands for but what kind of conversation actually qualifies for that uhm... title?), monkeying around with patric while painting the church building, feeling guilty after that for monkeying around and hardly getting any work done, squeezing in the jeepney for our two hour ride to and from the caves and making sure the people around me don't knock into each other or fly out of the jeepney, my throne where I have all my meals, our Epic Joke Battles before dinner, the stupid scenario game everyone has a love-hate relationship with, bawling my eyes nose mouth throat out on the last day, making people (person, actually) cry, staying up till 4 in the morning talking about soup and attempting to finish (or rather start on) our affirmation cards, the 12-hour bus ride to Fontana, the fastest affirmation session ever in the history of Tuao mission trips.

ok I'm getting lazy to type and think. Shall stop the verbal vomit on Tuao, skip the Europe part of my life and move on to talk about 2012.

I would say this year has been the best and most fulfilling year of my life but it's not ending on a very good note :( but I will try my best not to think of it and go back to the old life of spending hours looking at clothes and missing the days when my only worries were not having enough money to buy clothes.

On a brighter note (IRONY IRONY IRONY IRONY HOW COULD THIS BE BRIGHTER) results in 14 days! I currently have no feelings about it but I'll update you when I'm about to die from anxiety (which I know will happen very soon. Or maybe not. When I took my chinese results it only happened while I was halfway up the four flights of stairs to my extremely high classroom).

Oh I forgot to mention that there is nothing like stargazing 40000ft above sea level. SOOOO BIUUUUDIFOOOL. I love stars.

Abrupt ending. Beeeeeep.

PS: This didn't turn out to be as lengthy as I thought it would be. Oh welllll.

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