27 December 2011


I'm back due to obvious reasons aka 'there is nothing better to do'.
If things had stayed the way they were seven days ago oh yeahhhhhhh would I have better things to do. But now everything has changed and I'm just bored and sad. Mm.


I'm talking to Gladys again while trying to ketchup with mah frans from skul.

uh.. nine hours later.


I'm totally over my stupid sadness now after talking to Gladys, a lot of stalking, a little bit of anger, and hours of laughing.
I still laugh when I think about it.

Sorry for speaking in code :B

Anyway back to today!

Shall I bore the hell out of everyone and blog everyday about my extremely interesting life?
I shall.

Just came back from dinner at hawker centre with the family! Ate carrot cake yesterday and ban mian today  (because there wasn't any meepok). I LOVE SINGAPORE FOOD SO MUCH. hehheheheh.

Feeling quite incoherent and crazy now (as you have probably realised) but I'd rather feel like this than... whatever I felt last night.


Sorrryyzzz i just had to do it.

Anyway plans for the week!

Going to finally cut my bush of hair tomorrow, out with Gladys/6A07 gathering on thursday (still trying to decide on one ughhh), dental/retail therapy (cough) on friday, meeting my favourite brudders and sistas after a WHOLE MONTH on sunday, tuao 2010 sleepover on monday-tuesday! YEAH.
This is the life i'm talking about.
Right now my biggest worry is whether I should buy THIS shoe or THAT shoe.
I'm so idiotic right hahahaha

So thankful now I am void of bad feelings ^^


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