31 December 2011

Last day of 2011!

So.... it's 31/12/2011 and... life goes on.

Half a day to church tomorrow
2 days to TUAO 2010 reunion/sleepover
8 days to TUAO 2011 lunch
9 days to RESULTS DAY
14 days 6A BBQ!
31 days to the first day of school

Welcome to my life.

The computer is being a terrible friend now so I can't watch videos/scroll my life away on tumblr/lookbook or bloghop or do anything but blog so I'm here!!! Can't stand being bored omg but I'm sososooooo lazy I refuse to do anything productive.

AND I HAVEN'T CUT MY HAIR!!!! I've been wanting to cut since f.o.r.e.v.e.r but I went out ytd and lost the chance to do so!! zzz pfft.

Anyways I'm finally stepping into PPCOC again after one whole month. Karnot believe how fast December flew past me. excites excites excites. I just want to sleep now and wake up tomorrow morning but i can't cos it's 6pm. Thinking of going out to runnnnn.... ok fine. I shall after dinner. 6km gogogo!

bye. hehe

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