29 December 2011


Just came back from 6A07 gathering!! (again ^^)
Everytime I come back from our gatherings my heart feels like it's going to explode with so much love and thankfulness for these people. ♥

It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

I'm waiting for claudiekoh to upload the pictures taken with her DSLR + the pretty pretty polaroids we took.

Worked from 9-3 today for mummy and at the beginning I just wanted to go home cos I was so lonely and sleepy haha. Spent the whole time staring at the clock and counting down the hours to our gathering. Can't believe I almost skipped it!!! omg. Thank God for quanyi's pestering or I my life would be miserable now haha.

Met everyone at the bus stop before heading over to Joey's house!! Talked for awhile and ate chocolate before starting our running man marathon. heheh followed by dinner and then the 20 of us sitting in a circle playing I Have Never and talking about everything under the sun. Got bored and decided to play the drawing game thingy inspired by running man!!

Have known everyone for at least 6-8 years and I'm sosososososso thankful we still meet up and stay frieeends ♥ ^^  (I say the same thing everytime btw sorry if I bore you HA)
but there's a con to meeting them!! THEY MAKE ME WANT TO GO TO RI/HC SO BAD but I'm a coward and I don't dare to even imagine myself getting 2 points :( Ah well my future lies in God's hands so I shan't worry :)

Anyway I read a tweet this morning that knocked some sense into my recently-emo head.

You can be sad, or you can man the fuck up and find something to be happy about. Of course the world will suck, but only if you let it. -@jesslovesfred (via twitter)
(excuse the vulgarities)

Can't wait for Sunday and Tuao 2010 reunion on Monday!
All thanks to 6A my 2011 has ended perrrrrrrrrrrfectly :)

Anywayz ran 5km yesterday and swam 1.5km today and my whole body is aching like crazy cos I haven't had proper exercise is more than a month!! zz wanted to run another 5 tomorrow but I think I'm just gonna rest tomorrow heh.
Looking forward to Friday the 13th!! BBQ w/ 6A AGAIN WHOOOO.

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